ATV Riders-Ja nie podjadę?! Trzeba mieć jaja! – ATV HILL CLIMB Crashes/Fails

Look at those gorges we will go deeper Oh fuck, like cloud nine Leave it! O fuck! OH! FUCK! OH FUCK! Fuck! RUN AWAY! Again Yamaha have a breakdown Eh those Yamahas Oh, damn it! Fuck! But he went! I’m not driving! Which gear should I go on? You are driving!? Ride on you! Alright? Again problem with Yamaha Eh those Yamahas Same model and same problem Ok, well done Leave it leave it Okey okey, leave it OH FUCK! Will be alright! Soft landing 😉 You were recording? It flipped over You have to put bumper in your quad You are fucking crazy Well! (brake fluid) We will take from every quad a bit It will vented and should be alright You got a rope Rope is total basis You know, if you drive a Lucky Star 😉 You think, why he knows those solutions? Because he drives Lucky Star 😉 Eternal quarrels about quads have to be Eternal fight between Lucky Star and Yamaha You have to have a great skill of sucking You can’t do it too hard, because you will swallow it You must have a sense You are holding breath, ye? Aaaand fuck.