Are E-bikes Fun? Neil Shreds His Home Trails

(upbeat music) – I recently took part in
the e-bike cross country race at Sea Otter, which I really
enjoyed, but I thought the best way of actually riding one, find out if I like it or not, is to take it to my
local trails, ride on it, and see how it compares to my normal bike. (upbeat music) So although the bike is heavy,
it rides surprisingly light. You’ve obviously got that
big shove in the back with that e-motor, actually
the ride characteristics are really similar to a normal bike. So I’ve got to the top of
the climb in record time. Let’s take a look at the bike. This is a SCOTT E-Genius 710 Plus. It’s actually the really
familiar Genius look, you’ve got the shock here,
that’s the FOX Nude system, again, you get that on a normal
Genius with the lock-out, so it goes from fully
open traction control to fully locked, 140 mils travel, and this is a boost bike,
so it’s got wider front and rear ends and it’s
got the plus size tyres, 2.8 inch tyres, so now is
the biggest difference, here is that Bosch
Performance CX motor there on the 500 watt hour battery,
that’s gonna give you about a 30 mile range in
turbo, which is the most powerful setting, gives you 300% assist. Then it goes down to sport, tour, and eco, which gives you about a 140 mile range. Other than the e-bike frame you can see that the FOX 34 Fork has
been e-bike optimised, I’d imagine that’s something
through the damping inside. Then we’ve got lots of familiar
mountain bike components, you’ve got a one by 11
Shimano XT Drivetrain, got a dropper seat post,
you will see it’s got 203 millimetre disc brake
rotators front and rear, it’s a big bike, it’s 22 kilos, so you do need the extra stopping power. (upbeat music) So actually it’s the
flatter part of the trails that are really loads of fun
on the e-bike, you’re just going so much faster,
feels completely different. On the downhills it takes
a little bit more stopping ’cause of the extra weight,
but once you’re up to speed it feels really good, the
extra momentum feels brilliant, and I bet it doesn’t actually make that much difference to the clock. (upbeat music) So I’ve come to my local woods,
I’ve done eight runs now, that would actually be a
really big day out for me. But I’ve got some energy left,
I’ve got some battery left, so I’m gonna take it out and ride a bit of a cross country loop. (upbeat music) So there you go, I’ve
loved riding an e-bike on my local trails, it’s
definitely different. I don’t think it will ever
replace a normal bike ride for me, but I would
like to have one myself. E-bikes, I think, are gonna
be a lot of different things to a lot of different people, definitely for less fit people, less
able people, it’s really gonna open up the
countryside for those people. For myself, I absolutely
loved it, just messing around on the bike, trying to go
up hills, and actually just riding a lot more than I
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