Anything My Sister Can CARRY, I’ll BUY It Challenge! | Emily and Evelyn

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, and today
we’re going to be doing the Whatever you can carry
I’ll buy Challenge part two. So, this time I’m going
to be carrying the stuff and Evelyn’s going to be
spending all her allowance on me. – Well actually Emily, you
are gonna drop everything! – No I can carry so much more than you. I’m not going to drop everything. – Yes you will. – We’re going to be going to three stores and if I drop one single
thing that I’m carrying– – I do not buy her anything. – Yeah, she can’t buy me
anything from that store, we have to move onto the next store, also Evelyn can’t take
something out of my hands and drop it on the floor,
then she’s disqualified and I can buy whatever I
want with her allowance. So, we’re gonna start the video and I’m gonna have to pick my first store. So, we have a bag with 10 different stores and I’m super excited to see what I get, but I hope I don’t get a lame
store, like the gas station– – She does. – No, I don’t hope I get that because… – She doesn’t wanna spend my allowance. – I do wanna spend her allowance, but I hope I get Gucci or something because we have some
pretty good stores in here. Okay, I got Claire’s! I’m so excited because
everything in there is small– – No! – So maybe I can carry a lot of stuff. – Well maybe you’ll drop a lot of stuff. My goal for this video is for
Emily to drop a lot of stuff or not be able to spend a lot of money and also, the allowance that’s left over, I get to spend it on myself. – Dream on Evelyn, there will be nothing left from your allowance. – There will be a lot left. – Okay, let’s go shopping
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crazy challenges like this. Okay guys, so we are in
Claire’s and I’m so excited because they have so many cute things. (childlike music) (popping noise) (popping noise) – How is she gonna carry all that? (explosion noise) Haha! – No way! I got so many cute things! – I told you, you were gonna drop it all. – I’m so disappointed
because I was going to get one more thing and I was gonna go pay, but then, I think a squishy
and a bath bomb dropped and I was, I didn’t get
anything from Claire’s. – I told you. I have all my allowance and I hope she does the same
thing in the next store! – Okay guys, so now I’m
gonna pick my next store and I’m really excited because last time it was basically a fail,
I dropped something. – [Evelyn] Haha. – And then I didn’t get anything, so I’m gonna pick my next store. (fart noise) – Ew, Emily that stinks! – That wasn’t me, that was you! – No it was you, it clearly
came from under your seat! – You can’t see the fart
and it wasn’t from me! It was from Daddy!
– [Daddy] No it’s not from me. Don’t bring me into it, that was all you. – Well then it was Evelyn
because I didn’t fart– – [Evelyn] No it wasn’t, stop it! – I’m not farting! – [Evelyn] It stinks! – You stink, it’s your
armpit that stinking! Not your fart. – No it’s your fart. – I didn’t fart, you farted. – [Daddy] Oh my God,
you’re like a fart machine. – Mommy farted! – [Mommy] No it wasn’t me! It’s clearly coming from the back. – [Evelyn] Daddy, open the windows! – [Daddy] Oh my gosh. – It’s Evelyn then because I didn’t fart– – It’s not! You did! But you don’t wanna admit
it because it’s too loud– – [Daddy] Oh my gosh, Emily what is wrong? What did you eat? – Why is it me? – I know, what did she she eat? – It’s clearly Evelyn, it’s
Evelyn, look she’s smiling. I’m not smiling. – [Evelyn] You are! – [Daddy] Oh Emily, stop
with your fart already. Jeez that’s just nasty. – I’m not farting! – [Daddy] Okay, okay guys,
I’ll show you how we fart. Just watch this, it’s
the Tesla fart feature. (fart noise) – [Both Girls] Ew! – [Daddy] And look I can
actually change the farts, that’s a Ludicrous Fart
and I can put a Heavy Fart. (fart noise) (laughs) – [Both Girls] Ew! – Thanks daddy, that was very educational. – [Daddy] Oh, you’re so welcome. – Okay, I got food store. I mean I was hoping for something a little bit more expensive,
but okay I can buy candy, maybe donuts and cake. – Good luck carrying your cake. – Okay guys, so we’re in the grocery store and I have to carry
stuff that are more light and not cold things because otherwise it’s gonna be really hard
to carry the cold things. I wanted the ice-cream,
but it’s super cold. Okay, this is light. I see cookies! – Come on Emily, get some good ones, yes! – I love Milano cookies
too, do you guys love them? They’re so yummy. I want a cake, but I
can’t carry a whole cake and if I dropped a cake down
it would be so embarrassing. Let’s look at the smaller things. Key lime pie, but I don’t
feel like key lime pie so I’m not gonna get that. It’s just gonna take up more space. You guys, should I pick
up this giant-o leg or whatever this is? I think it’s a dinosaur’s leg. I don’t eat that. I’m here just because cereals I’m not really allowed to have, so… I almost dropped these
cookies, but it’s fine. My hands are pretty full, I don’t wanna drop these cookies, but I think I have space
for one more thing. – You’re gonna drop it and it’s glass! – No, it’s stuck. (gasps) I got it, well done, bye bye. Let’s go pay before I drop all of this. Okay, let’s see what I’m going to be going for the third store and
it needs to be better because so far I just have
a bunch of food, so… – Which is good because well,
she needs to get gas station. – Okay, I got Justice, yes! Now I’m gonna spend all your allowance! – No! – So, we are at Justice
and I have a strategy. I’m gonna hold more normal shaped things. Not like, weird shaped things. So, if I hold weird shaped things, I will probably drop them and if I hold normal shaped things, like squares and rectangles,
I won’t drop them as easily. So, let’s go. Oh and I should get some
cute things here too. – She said that and then she grabbed the weirdest shaped item in the store. – The struggle is real,
I’m running out of hands. – She didn’t learn her lesson, she’s gonna drop everything again, good. – I got myself into a weird situation, because I want so many things, but I don’t think I can
really hold anything else. I don’t wanna repeat what
happened at Claire’s. – Just get more, don’t worry about it. – Guys I’m gonna risk it. I actually made it. Guys, I was actually able
to get a bunch of things. Okay guys, so we are back from the stores and I’m super happy about what I got. I mean I could’ve got
better stores like Gucci or the Apple Store or Best Buy– – At least she didn’t. I would’ve had no allowance,
I have most of my allowance. – Yeah I mean, but okay, I
still got pretty good stuff. So, first we’re gonna do the food store, grocery store, so I got Lucky Charms because Lucky Charms are yummy and they have marshmallows in them. – And also Mango’s here. – Mango’s cute. I got some cookies, Milano cookies. I also got Chips Ahoy cookies. – Reece’s Pieces. – And then I got my
favorite vanilla coffee. I wish I could have it
right now, but I can’t. They’re so yummy, you
guys should try them, they’re just so good. – If you like to drink coffee. – And I also got Pirate’s Booty. – Pirate’s Booty. – Yeah, those are yummy and we
don’t have any in the house, so now we do. And then from Justice I
think I did pretty good. I got this, look how cute! Mango. – What’s Justice? – Okay, that’s what I bought, and I also got some PJs with some little ouch mouses on there. – Ouch mouses. – And then I got these, I love these they’re so yummy, they’re like those little gummy burgers. They’re better than real
burgers, they’re so good. – Not In-N-Out Burger. – Yeah, In-N-Out Burger is
actually better than that, and then I got these little squishies and they’re like halves. – You can make a bowl. – And they’re super cute, I
got a pink cat and a duck. Or actually, that’s a dog, but okay. – A dog right here,
there’s a dog right here. – And then I got a watermelon bath bomb. I like this bath bomb because it’s pink, so if it gets the food
coloring on your hands it doesn’t really make a difference because our hands are kinda pink. – Mango’s are black. – Then we’re going to try this. It’s super cool, it’s like
bath bomb spaghetti soap and I really wanna try this. It is just so satisfying. Then I also got, if I can
find it in this big bag, right here, a little ouch
mouse squishy that’s green. – By the way ouch mouses are– – Porcupines. – Yeah porcupines. – Hedgehogs. So yeah, that’s what I got. I’m super happy about
most of these things. – Except Claire’s. – Yeah, except Claire’s because I didn’t get anything from Claire’s. – Which is good. – Not for me, I mean I dropped like– – For me. – I really wish I got Claire’s, I’d rather get Claire’s
than the food store. – She had one strategy,
grab everything in store. – Well, that didn’t work. – Which is good. – With the food, I wanted the cake, but I don’t think I would be able to carry that cake and also if I dropped that, that would be really bad. – To be honest, I think I did
better with this challenge because I got a Nintendo Switch and by the way, we changed the colors. – Give this video a big
thumbs up if you like Mango. – And bunnies! – And thanks for watching,
see you next time. – [Both] Please subscribe and bye!