AMAZING Big Mountain FREERIDE in KAMLOOPS! & Fast Downhill at Harper Mtn | Jordan Boostmaster

The River Beaver Classic is going on in
Kamloops so everyone is gonna be there every year they have this event, it used
to be called Race the Ranch and they have a few different events like an
enduro race, a downhill race, dual slalom race and a whole lot of people
come out for the weekend and we all have a good time I went on a trip with Wesley
and Josh and we’re here for the weekend so we’re gonna do a ton of mountain
biking today we’re riding the bike ranch and
Harper mountain we’ve got so much footage from these two days that I’ll be
making two different videos of this trip but first I have to update you guys on
the fact that I got all my bearings replaced on my Wilson as well as the
pivots with these purplish red ones and now my bike has no more creaking sounds
that you were hearing before By the way, how much does this whole bike way anyway?
Yikes! Basically 40 pounds and I don’t even have that heavy ‘boost’ wheel on now
anymore some of you also noticed my root brakes were not on properly and that was
fixed when I got the bearings replaced we had to put the brakes in different holes
and also removed some of those little spacers For Josh and Wesley this is
practically the first time all year that they are on their big bikes and hitting
big jumps for me I’ve been doing lots of riding
with the hardtail and a few times riding with the Wilson but this is the first
time hitting the big tall jumps like this all year so we all got some rust to
clean off and we’re gonna do that at the dirt jumps of the bike ranch Oh brick so bad I just want to slow now
I’m just riding buddy could soon whoo Wow Wow this isn’t a later part of April
so hasn’t had a chance to get too hot or dry just yet although Kamloops is kind
of a desert so yeah it was drier than I was expecting that no little more comfortable our time warming up on these was really
getting us somewhere I was able to whip some of these better and had more
control on them it looks like Wesley and Josh we’re
getting the hang of things to Jordan your whips are like actually yeah that
was my best whip of the day today you’re on
they’ve got a really cool step up here which is great for practicing tricks whoa sideways landing I’m not as ballsy
anymore as I used to be but Josh on the other hand what is going on dude
trying go for like a 720 flip oh that got out of control
crap dude well he’s young and has the drive in him to go all out the soft
landing doesn’t hurt things either that was probably the flattest table I’ve
ever done with this downhill bike something about this jump just feels so
right yes yeah Wesley’s cousin Jared came out and
we did a few shuttles this is one of the nice things about the ranch it’s very
easy for anyone to shuttle and it’s also a very short shuttle run only a few
minutes to get back up to the top so we’re making our way to the first few
jumps of Fistful of Dollars the ones right by the road now these jumps are
especially susceptible to wind or sometimes they can be really easy to
clear and sometimes they’re really hard to clear whoa yeah boy in a little Whitney oh that’s a
yeah it was but it’s not bad before we check out the rest of his full of
dollars we still need to get used to these trails and our bikes the whole
bike ranch does kind of look like this where it just has very flowy trails no
rocks really just lots of rollers and jumps oh one flutter trooper sketch
whoa okay snow footer I really want to get better with one footers I want to be
cool like Wesley and throw down the sexy one-footed tables I’m definitely gonna
need more practice yeah wes is going for the proline Pale Rider
is the trail that they have a th race on it’s only like a two-minute long race
and you can see it’s pretty smooth and mellow and a downhill bike is way too
much for a race like this B my friends are not participating in any of the
events this weekend though it’s just a lot of fun to come out when everyone
else is here and just ride whatever Wow Wow whoops jump at Hernando alright now we’re ready
to check out Fistful of Dollars again I still got to complete this whole line so
I think this weekend we can do it this jump can be a bit tricky
last year I cased it a few times and never really felt right on it if you’re
going fast enough you can afford to go a bit left but otherwise you’re just gonna
case it so if you’re not going too fast you have to go a bit more on the right
side drop it in this jump here is the last one that I
need to get basically connect the entire line
I’m lacerated the whole upper section whole lower section never did this jump
though I actually did do this jump back in 2016 on minor core true acts and that
was the same day that I broke my wrist but on a different jump that brace that
you see me wearing on my left wrist is because of that crash some of you guys
were wondering why I’m even still wearing it and honestly I basically
don’t even need to wear it there were a few times last year where I felt it was
needed when I’m doing a full day at the bike park but I have been kind of
overprotective about it and I’m basically going to stop wearing it all
together now oh wow that was short even whoo all right oh that was sick feeling a lot
better now oh hey we got some progress already and
that feels really good that’s all we’re gonna do one fistful today but now I’m
very confident that I can combine the whole line tomorrow sweet one of the
best decisions we made was to head out to harper mountain for some longer d-h
trails and you can shuttle them to jared was cool with shuttling us so we went up
all the way to the very top I’m stoked man Nate we are going to try out Nate’s
it’s always fun exploring new areas it’s one of my favorite things to do on a
mountain bike Thanks you sure yeah it’s sweet trip Sosa this was a real treat
we weren’t even sure if the conditions would be dry enough here since this is
higher elevation the snow only recently melted away a couple weeks ago but it
was just perfect such a beautiful environment now my bike is like nice and silent –
whoa there’s like poo there a dick
but oh here it is all right Wow Wow what is going on Wow
corns give out nowhere beautiful out here to the right is a double block pimp
or not left is more Nate’s I’d also be interested in trying Capernaum oh shoot
on one of the corners oh yeah yeah that must be part of it too good job looks
like it yeah pimp or not turned out to be a jump line which was a pleasant
surprise him for not so beautiful out here it’s kind of turning I never really
riding all right that’s what’s fun another yeah hey whoa
whoo yeah oh do it look at that it’s like an
actual step-down gap okay I’m gonna send it Oh Frick did you guys make it yeah I
case to do Nate’s all the way down that’s the end of pimping on already so
we missed out on the whole beginning of the trail so we’re gonna continue down
Nate’s but it does get even better as it goes down or Nate oh my life is so fun some gaps here oh it’s actually a bigger
jump wait it’s hard to tell like how much speed
you need as ready whoa perfect yeah just meet it it was like sick it what what that is so oh yeah all right
something’s not blinding us anymore that’s good
the trails did seem to get if it’s steeper as they got lower we all like
the lower half the best okay yeah this lower parts way better
yeah that jump did you boost that jump yeah all right oh yeah dude to drop how big is that
yeah that’s good right on right on yeah
this part is sick this is like amazing down 11 Oh yeah baby
haha so much fun Oh Zack that was great so good not
ending part so good yeah I know my ex figure was getting tired of breaking
there’s not much light left but we figure we have time for one more click
run yeah were you waiting long oh good dude guy
was pretty sick especially the lower half was just awesome but as we’re on
our way up we have to stop and check out this one jump it turns out it’s really
big we have here a super long jump I was not expecting it to be this long from
from the road but this hump was like the lip actually goes way back here yeah yes
yeah that’s a long jump Bend and it finished our day we’re having a boost
off on this long booter gonna lower store my rebound okay send it they
basically said no breaking I don’t want to overshoot but that’s probably not
even possible basically just no breaks I’m everything
to your speeds up okay let’s do it am I going for the right speed wow that
is not really so how did I do what about you guys that’s where mine was okay and
what about you guys around the same okay yeah especially at the end you’re right
it’s like kind of levels out so it’s like oh I’m not actually going that fast
after all yeah and then it’s like okay and you hit the
jump in this bigger than you think yeah one more time and this time we’ll
actually like how’s the pedal at the end yeah yeah sanding the booth jail fire we
can just couple petals oh wow whoa dude I was
like booking it I gave a like six petals Wow
I just made it though yeah yeah yeah that’s what it felt like and I was like
on the edge – yes oh all right artists gear here we go fully fully clear it
Wow all right I’m not gonna get any more than that yeah I was like exactly the
same and this you’d say that’s yeah it’s like just Casey but man that’s such a
long job here we go with yo the snow only melted
away recently and the dirt hasn’t packed much yet so it’s not running as fast as
it will be yeah I was good so it is pretty difficult to go fast enough to
clear this jump yeah it was pretty much it was yes yes like pretty much the same
spot we all pretty much you’re pretty much all made since fires the sick man
yeah we all landed pretty much the same spot it was built about all like right
in this area so it was really good yeah yeah that was a pretty big day full of
lots of riding Ivan did another run down this mountain that I didn’t film
tomorrow we’re gonna focus more on Fistful of Dollars and get it dialed so
that’ll be next week’s video I hope you guys enjoyed this video please give a
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for watching and I’ll see you next time