The Moto GP is a International Racing Competition which help every year because of this we meet Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo and other riders. because of the influence of the Moto GP they are launching a many variant of a Sports Bike in a small displacement to big displacement to sell in the public many Filipino riders this is the style of riding but not all can afford of buying a branded Sports Bike Therefore the Rusi Motorcycle has been launch there own version of a Sports Bike in affordable price for the people for the price of 59,000 pesos you can have a 200cc Sports Bike look motorcycle and of course we are know that this bike cant compete in the branded Sports Bike but the feelings, the roads and the journey are the same if we are thinking when i look at the bike for me she is perfect its already in detail no need to modify or you can add some accessories to make the bike a good looking and much more comfort to ride when i sit in the bike i feel already this is something if you looking and if you are a Sports Bike lover I mean the seat, clip-on bar, the shape of the tank, side mirror and fairings around the bike that’s make you feel your are riding a Sports Bike sitting position are not bad and also the footrest but i noticed the seat height is high and I’m only 5’4 and I think the minimum height will be 5’7 for this bike I think you can lowered the setting of the mono shock in the rear or you can replace a new one for a small rider like me the tyre and brake are fine when we are looking in a Sports Bike of course we consider the disc brake in the front and in the rear, also the wide tyre for the cornering I am lucky because i have a friend has own a SS200 at least we can know the performance of the bike he used the bike for 3 years before he upgrade in 250cc model he said the topspeed of the is 120kph all stock when it comes in cornering and banking the bike is light and easy to ride in braking it is responsive and i don’t have any bad experience and even on the traffic situation it is easy to ride well i also ask him what are the major problems have you been encounter in 3 years used he said the brake master only in the rear, he ask the Rusi to replace the parts since every time he check the brake pad its already worn out all in all that’s the only major problem he encounter and of course he said you have to do a regular maintenance to your bike even it is a branded or china well good advice brother and thank you for your honest testimony for the SS200 I recommended the bike for the beginners and pro riders who loves riding a Sports Bike city riding and long ride the SS200 can handle it fits in your budget and its a good looking bike and if you have a question Brothers on the Wheel about in SS200 you can join on the facebook page this is Arc Cruz of Zurc Moto see you next week for my new episode, have great weekend Cheers!