Adjustable Stem Riser May Be A Road Bike Mistake | Second Thoughts | Vilano Shadow Bike.

So it’s the third Sunday in April in southern Connecticut and Susan and I are out for a little road bike trip. This is third less Susan’s 3rd right onto the bike road trip and very very well on the topix I want to talk about this morning is an item that you can purchase for your bike called an adjustable send an adjustable stem pretty much his little too with the name says it’s the stem that fits on your bike that allows you to adjust it to different angles in other words you can tilt it up all over it down for that matter to either raise or lower the position of your handlebars i did a video about you just told them all about a year ago maybe a little bit longer than that when i first got back into road biking and when i first began writing again rule over a year ago so i was having difficulty with neck pain shoulder pain from writing in the position that you generally are on a bike which is you know you’re you’re leaning forward and it’s much different than writing a hybrid type of bike or any other micro your centrally sitting up in the saddle so i thought by raising up my handlebars i could resolve a lot of my problems and bought the adjustable stem installed it on the bike myself and adjusted to stem we had my handlebars and really raised up quite a bit and in fact it did help me a lot with my writing position in my comfort level but I did manage to kind of get myself a little bit of trouble because by raising the bars up so much I literally was stretching my break in the shift cables to the point where I was affecting how the bike was shifting and to some degree how the bike was sub y wud how well the brakes were working but more importantly the shifting was getting thrown off a bit the only reason i discovered this is that i tried as much as i could to adjust my shifting using the derailleur adjusted adjustment and just could not get it to consistently give me a smooth shift so i took it to the local bike shop and the very first thing point they pointed out to me is that the adjustable stem was way way too high and that was pulling on the cables now that’s not to say that you can’t use an adjustable stump and raise your handlebars up but when you do that you mindful that you are stretching your cables and it may require you to go out and get to replace the cables with longer cables so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about moving to an adjustable stem but the thing that really was a deterrent for me or change my notion about using an adjustable stunned is that the bike really changed in terms of handling characteristics became really squirrelly running downhill fast I mean to the point where I was somewhat terrifying hitpoints thinking that the bike was going to just shimmy out of control somewhere so that was related to the fact that the high had adjusted the handlebars so far out of position from what was the bike was designed to handle so ultimately I went back to putting the stem that came with the bat bike back on the bike but that solved my problem more than anything but the real solution came about this year when I actually had a bike fit and I found that my handlebars were the head of our position was too far forward for my flexibility in my thighs and all that sort of thing and it was suggested to me that I might want to consider a new bike but what I ended up doing was essentially just buying a very short stem not an adjustable stem a regular stem and compaq handlebars which also had a type of curve on men which meant my hands are closer to my upper body which helped a lot with my writing position yeah so just to finish up with adjustable some going to last video I said I didn’t think it was a good idea to incorporate one of those guys on your bike but I think if you use common sense about how you use it definitely nothing wrong with it like I said yeah it does that little weight to your bike if you’re awake meanie but I think if you’re going to spend your money probably we should do is look for a good quality stem that suit your specific needs in terms of the length and the angle that is incorporated in a single stem I helpful me and get up with a stem that is 60 milk so it’s on the short side but it’s perfect for me it makes the bike work real well for me again I think it actually shorten up the length of my reach to the handlebars to the grips probably by gosh I gosh I think it was two inches so that’s that’s quite a bit between the new handlebars understand but as they say you live and you learn