Absolute Cycling during Rush Hour

I invented a cycling computer that is capable of
measuring speed, distance, and location in a much more accurate way
than current systems. Additionally, it’s a full-featured cycling computer,
so it is capable of measuring your heartbeat, your power output,
all of the functions you can expect from a high-end cycling computer. Harm is now cycling with the
cycling computer. You can see in real-time on the cycling computer
what his power output is and his kilometers per hour,
as well as his heartbeat. Using a wireless internet connection,
this is all sent to a web server which we can in turn
access on a computer. So we can now watch Harm live
and see he’s riding at 41 km/h, that his current power output is 150 watts,
and that his heartbeat is now steadily increasing to 120 BPM.
We’re only seeing one cyclist right now, Harm Giesen. During Rush Hour there will be five,
all of whom we can monitor in real-time. I’m currently working on integrating the
electronics for the Rush Hour prototype. I’m assembling the parts now.
The connectors of the displays still have to go in, the processor as well.
The antennas need to be sorted correctly, and this seal
makes sure it’s fully waterproof. We’ve received a lot of attention
from several pro teams and we have been working
and developing together. They always have a number of special
functionalities they would like. Our computer has been developed for the pros,
but can be used by the recreational cyclists. It will be in stores as of
March, next year.