7 Aero Hacks To Cycle Faster | Smash Your Next Triathlon Bike Leg

– [Narrator] Resistance
is our biggest boundary when riding a bike so to make it so fast. We basically want cheat
the wind and that’s where aerodynamics comes in. But
to make ourselves more air on the surface that’s what’s in the bike. It doesn’t necessarily
need to cost us anoma like he can do actually quite cheaply said today, am gonna be running
through my top aero. (light playful music) Okay, if you are serious
about your aerodynamics then you probably already have an error helmet like this one. How you actually thought about the tail of that helmet is on your head. I mean it is all very well having nice aero helmet
with a pointing tail but to really optimise the helmets. Aerodynamics is ideally you want that tail things snarkily into
your back and therefore that will allow the
head flow smoothly over the helmet and into your back. If it’s not things not the entire
back then you’ll then have flown over through a gap creating disturbance before then hitting your body. You don’t want that. So you can of course adjust your hats and the tilt of that but a nice option to then really further optimise it is to add some increased padding towards the front of the helmet around the forehead and the front of the head. Now in the past I’ve used something called go cart seat padding very similar to this where I have some sticky tape on one side and then a nice thick foam around 10 millimetres. The go cart seat padding comes in a nice big sheet that you can then cut to size and stick it in a nice safe manner within the helmet. Of course
the rules are a little bit wishy washy on adapting and modifying a helmet so if you really want to own the side of caution you can just get existing padding from your supply of the manufacturer of your helmet. Sometimes they do increase thickness so you could just buy that. They
don’t. You can just buy more padding and then just stick on top of the existing padding. Okay so this one might seem a little bit picky and pedantic but to be honest viable aerodynamics is all about. I see this cable
here now that cable is coming from the
shift at the end through to the base bar into the frame. That is not good. That
is no aerodynamic kitto. Basically you are flying around that rise of block snaring out the back of the rise block and then into the cable might be small but that’s disturbance and we don’t want that side to
eliminate that easily. A tape like this electrical
tape. We’re going to wrap it around the
rise of block and the cable. So now when the air flows round the rise of block is going to fly around the rise block and the cable all in one. So therefore smoothing
out the afellay, simple. Okay you the last one is a little bit over the
top. Then just wait for this film because I’m now going to be covering some of the bolts and openings on my frame. Now this actually really popular in the cycling time trial world where attention to detail is perhaps the key. And if you think about it you’ve got nice me frame the fly nice since we over the frame and then it goes through a little bowl or a little opening in the frame. It’s
going to disturb the air just a little bit but
it’s still something and we do tend to get quello
bolts and openings around the stem area. We’ve got a lot of parts going together so to eliminate that again we’re going to use a little bit of electrical tape just to place that over those bolts and openings for steel really neat. You can of course get some nice thin plastic which is taped and sticky on one side and then you can cut about to size placed on those parts. And you can even get any common effects. Okay, for this next one
I have switched bikes because I’m not going refocusing on the bar tape on a previous bike had his own fall tape solution of design. Now have spoken about and this fool from using a TTN triacetone bike. We’re going to be in the air about myself awake going through our elbows. Not so much on the end of the bars particularly the baseball set. Do we really need this bar tape that is potentially causing a disturbance of the air as it flows over the bars. I don’t really think so. Now some athletes actually opt to completely roomy and leave it completely bare. However I’d say given that we are doing triathlons and we’re going from a swim to the bike we’re going to have wet hands. We kind of want a little bit of grip there particularly if we’re going to be racing in wet conditions as well so that’s when something like this grippe take comes and yes this is scape grip tape its grip here on one side like sandpaper and on the other side
we’ve got an adhesive so we can simply cut this to size. Wrap it around the
handlebars and then we get. OK I’m going to stick with this bike for this one.
And now we’re going to talk about a quick release bolts and author axels. Now manufacturers spend a long time working on the aerodynamics of the bike but it sort
of feels like the quick release bolts and the throttles are a little bit of an afterthought. Now they just juts out from the sides and they sit in basically exposed to the winds. It’s probably only one walked maybe even two watts out the most. As you know of aerodynamics is all about these aggregation of gains. I have a little bit of a solution. So if you are using a bike that’s got standard
brakes, calliper brakes then it’s likely you’ve got a quick coleus skewer like this one with quite skinny scale going through your whole axle going through the wheel. Now you can search for something that has a slightly slimmer thinner or more aerodynamic handle to it that might take a little bit of research but then we also have anthrax so those that are used on perhaps a desperate slice one hair can his one still has quite
a big handle coming off to the side allow me to release them. But given that is a screwed and as you can see here on this thread then you can actually use a hex key or an ailing heat to screw it in and therefore removing that handle completely. Now again this may take a little bit of research to find the right one for your bike in terms of its length, the length of the thread on it and also the width but
is quite a good saving. Now the position and the shape of our bottles on a bike can also have a huge effect on aerodynamics. So one option is to
completely hide it from the wind. And for that you want to pipe behind you so you can have it like this where it is behind the saddle. This and in this case it’s attached
to the rear of the seat post but you can also attached to the rear of the saddle.
Another option is to have them on down cheap or
you’ll seat cheap hair. But if you are going to
do this then you really want to consider having an air bottle. Given that this is
exposed to the winds the air is going to fly around the frame and then into the bottom. Then of course we have probably the
better preferred option for triathlon and that
is between the erebor. Now before all this integration actually seems just a standard bottle with a standard bottle cage and literally attach that to the erebor as well. And it was considered to be fairly aerodynamic but now we have this for integration. Now this actually literally integrates the bottle to the stem the erebor and then into the frame. And it almost creates this fairing that looks part of the bike it’s actually believe
that this is faster than not having one at all. It also then allows the athlete to stay in
that area was to take fluid on without moving from the airbags which in turn that improves
the aerodynamics and speed. Okay, now I’m going to step away from the bike and the equipment and focus more on us. Yes we can change
our position on the bike we can change your clothing that we use about shaving our legs. Yeah, the debate is
being out for years as to whether shaving our legs for cycling in triathlon is out fashion off with function but with normal wind tunnel testing over the last few years we
see more more studies that are improving the shaving our legs actually has a significant difference. Specialised claim can save anywhere between 50 to 80 to seconds over 40 kilometres it’s high control and few theoretically that’s when I’m on that’s around five minutes. So whether you believe is quite
as substantial as that or not there is still
clearly a saving to be had. So if you don’t
shave your legs already it’s possibly worth considering. Okay well hopefully I
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