6 Essential E- Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

– Wow, can you believe
that EMBN is six months old and we’ve not yet done a basic
E-Bike maintenance video? And I have to thank Hailey,
from the Whitehorse, for highlighting this. So today we’re gonna be
covering all the parts that you need to keep an eye on to keep your E-Bike running sweetly. Your relationship with your E-Bike simply is not gonna function if you do not invest a significant amount of time
when it comes to maintenance. Yes, it can be dirty as long as it’s tight and it’s well-lubed. Remember to have some
humility when it comes to maintaining your E-Bike. Admit that you’re gonna
make mistakes along the way but you simply have to
learn as you go along. Now a lot of people really
panic that it’s all about the battery and the motor when it
comes to E-Bike maintenance, but in our experience, we
find that simply not the case. There’s loads of other
parts on the bike that will probably go wrong before
the battery and the motor. So in this video we’re gonna concentrate on some of the parts you
need to keep an eye on to keep everything running smoothly. So obviously you keep your bike
in quite a clean condition. You don’t need to go over the top, particularly in the summer months. Now number one on the
list has to be the chain when it comes to maintenance
because it is simply the only connection between the
motor and your rear tire. So what you need to do? Well, comes down to lube simple as that, you
can get dry lube or wet lube. Now I tend to use wet lube,
you need to use it more often than dry lube because dry lubes
tends to stick to the chain a lot more but it keeps
everything a little bit cleaner. You need to be doing that at
least every ride on your E-Bike Now the second part of chain
maintenance comes down to checking whether your
chain is stretched or not because on an E-Bike there’s
probably double the amount of taut going through that
chain as on a conventional bike. And it’s very easy, simply
buy a chain checker. They’re about £17 for a
pro version like this Park or they go down to about £3.50. Now the key thing is, is
replacing your chain more often is gonna be cheaper than
replacing such things as cassettes and gears and
sprockets on your bike. Very simply what you
do, is drop the two pins onto your chain and adjust the
black marker dial as you do. And as you can see, I clearly
need a new chain on this bike. This is six months old and she’s rotten. Okay number two, tire pressures. Is there actually a video
where I do not talk about tires and tire pressures on the
EMBN? I’m not sure there does. So why is it important? Well,
if your tires are too soft then that’s gonna mean
there’s quite a drain on the battery on your E-Bike and, also, it’s gonna be quite unsettling in corners. So keep an eye on them, I
mean I weigh about 90 kilos and I generally run about
25 Psi, front and rear. If you got too much air in your tires, this gonna be, obviously, be
less strain on your battery. But when it comes to going
off-road you’re simply, not going to have that bite
when it comes to going up-hill and the bike’s gonna be
quite difficult to handle when you get to off-road conditions. There’s also the treads to think
about on your E-Bike tires, as well as, the pressure
and that’s for two reasons because good sharp tires mean
there’s gonna be good grip when it comes to climbing
and they’re, also, gonna be more efficient
when it comes to breaking. Now a worn out ball tire
is pretty good for tarmac but that’s about it. Right, nuts and bolts,
it sounds so obvious and because it really pretty much is that. All you need is a set of
Allen keys, that is it. So who are the main culprits when it comes to nuts and bolts coming loose? Well derailleur has to be root one when it comes to making sure that’s tight. Also, moving further forward in the bike, the chainring bolts and the
crankset, keep an eye on them. All the suspension
linkages, all nuts and bolts on that, keep an eye on those too. And the headset, I think
because the added weight on an E-Bike and all this
collisions you’re going through that tends to work loose quite often. So, what else I tend to do,
is at least every other ride, I go through every single
nut and bolt on my E-Bikes. Pretty simple to do,
takes about 10 minutes, so keep an eye on them. If your headset is loose, you
will recognize this because there’ll be all knocking coming
from the front of your bike, and it’s a really easy thing to fix. So up front you loosen the stem bolts, there’s two of them on most stems. So that takes a couple, maybe
like you need to go two turns and then, so you loosen them. So there you go to the
top cap which is found on the top of the stem and
you simply tighten that down, not too much and then you
rock a bike back and forth, until there’s no play there. Do not over tighten that top bolt because it will wear your headset out, and it’ll make your
steering absolutely hideous. Now if you’ve got an
E-Bike where you, simply, charge the battery on the bike, then most of the time you
can leave it well alone. However, if you’re taking your
battery out of your E-Bike quite regularly, then
it is worth checking, particularly the lead that
connects the motor to the battery and make sure that there’s no grit got in those contact points there. Now we’ve actually done
a video just about E-Bike battery fundamentals and
you can find this just here. It gives you everything you need to know about battery care and maintenance. Right let’s talk about
suspension on E-Bikes. Now most E-Bikes today
come with air suspension, front and rear, now when it comes to actually setting up suspension there’s a ton of videos out there, both on GMBN and EMBN, on
exactly how to do that. And, basically, what you
need to familiarize yourself with sag, so that’s the amount
the suspension compresses, front and rear, when you’re sat on it. But you don’t need to go
into those details because it should’ve been set up
when you bought the bike, or at least you should’ve set
it up when you had the bike. What we’re covering here, is making sure you maintain those settings on the bike. And it’s important you do this because if your suspension goes
too soft that means that really unbalanced the bike and it’s gonna be quite
unstable ride on your E-Bike, which is not a really good experience. This can actually be quite tiring. At the other end of the spectrum, if you’re suspension is too hard, then that’s gonna mean there’s
gonna be not so much grip on your E-Bike and also
you’re gonna be getting quite hard rides with the
handlebars and the back wheel. Do you know what? There’s nothing better than a set of gears
that’s working crisply, sweetly and is generally well aligned. At the same time there’s
probably nothing more frustrating than gears that jump from one to another, making noise and rattle,
derailleur’s bent. Now the reason why it’s
important you keep on top of gear maintenance is because the motor relies on the
gears working precisely for it to function correctly. Now if you wanna get into a basics on how to set up your gears,
we’ve done a very easy one, which you can find just up here. And finally, brake pads.
Now you really do not want to have a runaway truck on your hand. And it’s quite easy to identify
if your brakes are worn out or not because you’ll have that metal to metal feeling and quite a racket. But you don’t want to let it go that far. It’s a really easy thing
to identify because if you look down on your disc
you should see three bits of metal; you’ll have
the disc in the middle, you’ll have the brake pad
holders on the outside and then in between that, you’ll actually have the pad itself. Now if those bits of
metal are close together, there’s a good chance that
your pads are worn out. However, if those three bit of metal are quite widely spread apart then that means your pads should
be in good condition. Replacing brake pads
are a really simple job, all it requires you take your wheel out. Alternatively, take it down to your shop. They shouldn’t actually
charge you to fit a new set of brake pads, especially
is you’re buying them. Pretty much like Hailey
wouldn’t charge you for topping up a pint of beer
in the bar at the Whitehorse. Now that’s about it. Break pad wear, pretty much depends on where you live. If you live in a sandy area,
you’re gonna get higher wear. Also if you ride a lot of trail centers, you’ll find you’re gonna be
replacing your brake pads a lot more often when it comes to that. There you go. That’s it. That’s our basic E-Bike maintenance. Sorry it’s taken so
long to come up with it. If you wanna see more videos,
there’s a battery fundamentals you find down here and the
motor fundamentals, which here, which explains everything
about all the different types of E-Bike motor. Any questions? Let me know on the comments below, I’m sure there’ll be a ton of them. I’m not sure I can answer all of them but I’ll give it my best shot. Make sure you get down to
Whitehorse for a pint and pie. And that’s about it.
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