6 Easy Ways To Make Bike Trainer Rides More Enjoyable

– How I figured out how to
make these miles not slog by. Just going on for an hour. And it’s a game changer. Mornin’ Trainiacs. So obviously with it being
indoor trainer season right now, a lot of people are clawing their eyes out tryin’ to figure out how
to make the trainer miles go by quicker. Well today, I’m gonna give you, I have no idea how many tips, on how I figured out how to
make these miles not slog by. Now for starters, don’t
go onto the trainer just thinking you’re
just gonna go for a ride. Going on there with no purpose or plan is a sure fire way to go
through a really boring hour or two. I normally wouldn’t wear
a tri-suit on the bike. FE2-26, wanted to send this out. And because everyone looks
so good in a one piece, I said yes. Hell yes. See what I mean? Apparently it took them
two and a half years to design this so, I’m getting some testing going. Make sure that you’re always going into a ride with a purpose. Don’t just go in aimlessly. Break it up into chunks so
that you’re not doing an hour. All you have to think of
is, maybe I need to get through the next 15 seconds,
or the next two or three or five or 10 minutes. Chunk it up, create a plan. So that it’s mentally engaging. Just going on for an hour, you’re gonna be brain dead
by the end of that thing. Next, make sure that you
get some air movement, in wherever you’re training. I like to open a couple of doors, even though it’s minus 15 outside. Get a fan on going over top, because you don’t want
your body giving out on you because it’s overheating. And when you’re in an
area, typically indoors, low ceilings, not a lot of air movement, you’re gonna overheat,
you’re gonna sweat a lot, and you’re not gonna
wanna be on that trainer. A lot of people use a fan, try that. Just get some movement going. The next thing that you
can and should be doing, is creating games with
yourself throughout a workout that you’ve created. So let’s say you’re doing a, power based workout, or
strength based workout, figure out what you’re high
water mark is for power or how long you can hold a
certain perceived exertion, like, see how long you can
hold perceived exertion of nine outta 10. Or if you’ve got a power
meter, see if you can crack the 700 watts that you put out last time. Or if all you’ve got is
a heart rate monitor, do low heart rating in between,
in my case 125 and 130. And work to keep it in there. So at least you’re mentally
engaging and not just like, all right, well I’ve gotta
go for another five minutes. You’ve got something like
when you’re out on the road, and you’ve constantly gotta be adjusting and that’ll make it go by a lot quicker. Next thing you can do, pump up the jam, get it going. A lot of people ask me
if these get damaged from sweating all over them, being just absolutely disgusting. No damage yet. But because I’ve got the fan overtop of me and all that air movement
and it’s cool in here, I do sweat. But it just gets these little pads wet, instead of the whole
thing and the electronics and everything so. Air movement allows you
to have better tunes, and then you can like, put
on these noise canceling headphones and just (mumbles). By the way if you search
Triathlon Taren Playlist, I think there might be
something on Spotify for ya’, just sayin’. The next thing is try to watch or listen to something and
see how that works for ya’. I personally find watching
movies just mind numbing. But, I find listening to
podcasts, pretty engaging. Ooh, so far I like how this
feels in the core, stiff. (tranquil music) Open door. I am lookin’ like such a
triathlete in my one piece and short socks. I look good out there. Now if you really wanna
take things seriously. Because I’ve been riding trainers, and using the music and movies, and whatever for years. But it wasn’t until this year, this is not sponsored
in anyway shape or form, besides the fact that
Wahoo sent this to me, but when I got the Wahoo
Kickr Smart Trainer, started up Zwift, that was
the absolute biggest change that I’ve ever experienced
enjoying an indoor ride. So, if you got the coin,
to get a Smart Trainer like the Wahoo Kickr, pair it with Zwift, find me on Zwift. First name is T, last
name is, Riathlon Taren. Come ride with me. And it’s a game changer. Most enjoyable indoor
training I’ve ever done. Lucy Charles, second place in Kona, she just passed me like
I was standing still, and then gave me a right on. Oh stop Lucy, stop. Now everyone is probably
wondering what my exact setup is on the trainer. Well, I got Zwift on a big screen TV, I got the Wahoo Kickr, I
use the road bike right now, while we’re a long way
away from race season. I use Bose QC35 headphones. I listen to podcasts while
things are fairly mellow. And I’ve got a Triathlon
Taren pump up Spotify playlist when things get serious. On the side, I have all
kinds of camera gear and lighting equipment,
so you all can see me, while we talk triathlon things. All right, later Trainiacs.