5 Ways To Progress Your Riding Fast! | MTB Skills

– Your riding skills are likely
to improve at a steady rate just with riding experience. However, I think there’s a
few little cheats and hacks, things to concentrate on to make your riding improve super quickly. (rock music) (logo thudding) (rocks crunching) Climbing is always going to be
a physical, hard thing to do, of course, but when you
find a bit of climbing flow, you’ll find things
become definitely easier, definitely less tiring, and actually a bit more satisfying. So I’m riding here out in
Squamish in British Columbia. It’s almost a bit like a
British trail center as well. Up this really nice, flowy climb. But it’s fairly technical, and you’ve got lots of switchbacks with things like this stone in the middle, so it’s really an exercise in
changing gear all the time, nice and early, trying to keep
a consistent power cadence, so you don’t slide, but also trying to work your
way around these stones. Sometimes you actually have
to get your front wheel round the edge of it, and then your back wheel
come up the inside of it. Just to try and keep that flow and get up the hill as flowy, as smooth, and with as least amount
of effort as possible. Okay, so how do you improve
those things quickly? First one is to really make
sure you are looking up and around the corners to plan your line, especially for those rocky situations. Number two, now you’re
looking further ahead, that’s going to help you change
gear nice and early as well. You’ll also need to learn
how quickly your bike shifts so you can ease off the power to do it, then get back on, and it becomes very automatic. Number three, a nice little hack, especially on steep uphill switchbacks, is to drag your rear brake,
just to help you keep balance, and almost meter the power
you’re putting into the bike, almost like a clutch on a motorbike. Makes it super stable to power in and then drag in a bit
of back brake as well. (electronic music) (bike rattles) (brakes squeal) (electronic music) (brakes squeal) It’s wet, but it’s good. I think, to learn the fastest, you need to take yourself into a nice, fun, relaxing environment, so that’s going to be
different for everybody, but make sure you’re having lots of fun. It might mean going away
from intimidating situations, maybe you’re riding with other groups that really like pushing themselves on, but you could crash and
lose some confidence, so make sure you’re having
lots of fun, riding a lot, and that’s when you’re going
to improve the fastest. (electronic music) Pump tracks are downright fun to ride. The smooth flow and rollers can take riding a bike back to the basics. Without a rock or root in
sight to ruin your flow, you can concentrate on
the fundamental skills of pumping the bike to make speed and keeping your momentum with good flow. A fast, smooth rider on a pump track is likely to translate that to the trails. Just look at how the top
racers pump their bikes as well as pedaling hard. Why not try it out? Add a pump track ride to
your weekly riding schedule and see how quickly you improve all round. A great way of riding your bike more is to pack your bike in a bag, jet off somewhere nice, and go for a riding holiday. Even if you take some time off work and ride your local trails
for maybe a week or something, it’s not as good as going somewhere new, and riding fresh trails
you’ve never ridden before, gets you out of that rut of maybe riding the same trails
like clockwork every time. Riding your bike on days back to back is a really cool and fun way of getting better fast on your bike. (rock music) ♪ Monday at work my head’s in a mess ♪ ♪ I’m keeping the smile
but I’m in distress ♪ ♪ But what you need is ♪ – I think there’s a couple
of really important things for when you’re descending that’ll really help you
improve nice and quickly. The first one is bit like that uphill flow is making sure that
you’re looking way ahead and looking where the trail goes. Now this section looks quite intimidating, so it’s really easy to
look down at the floor, but actually, it’s probably
easier than it looks, but you need to be looking up
there at where you need to be, because it’s really easy
to concentrate on this bit and then go over the edge there and actually the trail goes that way and it’s quite easy, like I said. The other one is to really
think about your body positions, so on the bike, in a place like this, I want to be relatively heel down. That’s going to bring my hips
towards the back of the bike, and really all that’s doing is keeping my weight central on the bike, ’cause obviously the
front wheel’s dropping. If I stay flat on my feet and
in the middle of the bike, my weight’s going forward, and that’s not a good place to be, so think about where your
feet are on the pedals and dropping your heels slightly when the trails start going downhill. Well, I definitely
recommend coming to Squamish if you want to learn how to ride
rocky, rooty, amazing trails as quick as possible. It’s really, really good. If you want to see a video
that goes more into depth about descending skills,
over there for that one. If you want to see Martyn
race his bike at Whistler, just up the road from here,
click down there (mumbles). Thumbs up if you want
to get better quickly, and subscribe. Loads of videos on there, GMBN, if you not seen ’em already. (rock music)