5 Ways To Make Your Mountain Bike Videos EPIC

– This is how, to shoot your own edit. There’s a few things,
I can go into so much about shooting your own edit, because I’ve done so many, but it’s location, being different, having crazy angles, fast, and sun. Which we haven’t got, but
we’re going to work with it. (upbeat music) All right, features. I’m always looking for some features on a trail that makes the
whole edit interesting. Behind me is a jump, and that’s a feature. I think we could trick this jump. Having tricks in the edit makes
it a little bit more spicy. People like spicy. Unless you don’t like spicy, but we’re not talking about food. All right, I’m setting up this GoPro because this corner blasts roost, and we always need more roost. (laughs) So, I’m setting it up as close as I can, hopefully the shot comes out, rad. It’s always good to keep
people on their toes. You don’t want a video to have a lull. You want it to be doing
this, all the way to the end, keep people entertained. Keeping people entertained
means going fast, and to get the easy way, camera down low. Let’s do it here. (upbeat music) Okay, it’s always good
to go that extra mile getting the different angles, thinking out the box, because
when it comes to the edit, people will be like “how the heck did that guy get that angle?” You can do whatever, it’s your edit. Now, I look like I’m a unicorn
or something, look at that. (laughs) It doesn’t look pretty there, but as long as that looks
pretty, that’s the goal. (upbeat music) (camera shutter sound) (laughter) Yes, oh damn, that’s
how you end an edit man. Wow. All right, it’s all about
speed, it’s all about style, it’s what you want to
see in your own edit, let your mind go away with everything, be very creative, if you want to see how to ride a trail fun, click here. If you know how to get
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