5 Post Ride Mistakes | Cycling Recovery Methods That You Should Avoid

(tranquil music) – There are loads of different post-ride routines out there. And to be honest I
reckon mine are the best. Hey Opie. – Yo, I’m not so sure about
that though to be honest. So in this video, we’re
gonna be telling you the dos and the don’ts for
the perfect post-ride routine. (logo booms) (lively music) – Oh mate that was a tough ride. And I am absolutely
starving so can I order a millionaire shortbread, a caramel slice, one of those shortbreads
and maybe a scone? – That is not what we recommend at all. What we do recommend though
is that you kickstart your recovery process
with a recovery drink and maybe a bowl of
chopped up fruit and veg. All of this within the first 20 minutes of getting back from your training ride so that you can really kickstart that process and get stronger. (playful music) It’s all very well him
falling asleep there like that and it is great for your
recovery to have a quick snooze but not in your cycling kit and not when you haven’t
had a proper meal. So it’s time for me to cook lunch and whilst lunch is cooking I’m gonna go and do a
little bit of stretching. (snoring) (tranquil music) Whilst Hank has fallen
fast asleep in the cafe I’ve decided to come home
and kickstart my recovery with a bit of foam rolling and stretching. This is great for working
out a few of those niggles that I’ve got in my leg muscles
after training this morning but it’s also good to help my flexibility which will help my position on the bike. I’ve got half an hour
before I need to cook this is the perfect amount
of time to spend on this. (tranquil music) Oh James, James, James,
when will you learn? You can’t possibly start recovering until all your jobs are done for the day and I know for a fact that your bike is as dirty as my bike is. So you better wake up soon and get out here and give it a good scrub. After all, you know the saying, a clean bike is a fast bike. (tranquil music) – So the cafe has kicked me out, so I guess it’s time to go home. (lively music) Right, I’ve put off long enough, I guess it’s time I should have a shower. Whoa. I’m really thirsty. And well that will do the trick. – Whilst that beer does look appealing and yes I do fancy one myself that is not the best way to refuel after a hard training ride. Instead a good nutritious meal with a good balance of
protein and carbohydrates and some good healthy vegetables is gonna make your body
recover much better. After all, you are what you eat. I fancy something with
eggs and rice today. – There is nothing better
than a refreshing beer. – Well there is, I mean
maybe not for the taste but an electrolyte drink
is gonna do much more to help rehydrate after
a hard training session. And then getting your legs
up for a start, what’s this? – Well it’s sitting down recovering. – You’ve changed since the old days. You used to be much more professional. And the other thing on alcohol is that it can inhibit
your recovery by up to 25%. I can’t give away that much. One thing that can help
your recovery though is to get your legs up above your heart. And there may not be any science behind it but it does feel like you’re
refreshing your muscles by letting all of the blood
drain back out of them up into your body. Have a little snooze if you can. (tranquil music) Nothing beats a 10-minute power nap. It’s great for the hormone release to help kickstart your recovery. If you enjoyed this video
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and for more recovery tips drop them down in the comments box below. Poor old Hank, he’s got
along way to go hasn’t he? For more training videos click down here.