5 Of The Fastest Bikes Of All Time | Cycling Record Breakers And Aerodynamic Innovators

– There’s that bit in every cyclist that just loves speed. I certainly do. And there’s a few bikes
over the years of history that have allowed us to
go to dizzying heights with our speed. So I’m going to go through five of the top fastest bikes of all time. Yep, of all time. (relaxed hip hop music) Alright, let’s start off in 1991 where the change of the UCI rules allowed the bike designers
to go absolutely wild, including Mike Burrows, who designed that
incredible monocoque bike with the chainstay and
seatstay on the right-hand side and only one fork blade. A test driver for the British
car manufacturer Lotus found out about Burrows’ design and took it to Lotus’ attention. Lotus then looked at it and said they could use their
knowledge of car manufacturing and put it into bike design and help to refine and improve it for a young British talent we
all know as Chris Boardman. Chris Boardman then raced that bike in the pursuit in the
Barcelona Olympics in 1992. And just like that,
the Lotus 108 was born. But Boardman and his
Lotus were not done there and he then went on to race the finals against the reigning world
pursuit champion, Jens Lehmann. And Boardman was so fast on his bike, he actually nearly caught Jens Lehmann in the closing stages of the race and won the gold medal for Great Britain, the first gold medal in 72 years. The Lotus 108 was, I guess,
victim of its own success and shortly after the event
was banned by the UCI, as it was deemed to give
an unfair advantage. (relaxed hip hop music) I guess we should probably head over to Boardman’s biggest rival in the battle of the fastest bikes. And, of course, I’m talking about Graeme Obree’s iconic
bike, the Old Faithful. Unlike Chris Boardman’s
bike, which was built with the cutting edge aerodynamic technology available to human kind, Graeme Obree’s bike was built by himself using bits of his old washing
machine, like the bearings. Obree did have some radical
ideas on aerodynamics, most obvious being that
position he used on the bike. And when he first rode the
bike dubbed the Old Faithful, he did so using this crazy position where he put his hands under his body and his shoulders leaning on the bars. And, yes, it did look that crazy but it was very, very fast. Thinking about it, Endura
actually did a test not long ago with Obree and his bike
dubbed the Old Faithful of him in that tucked
position in the wind tunnel and they found out that his position was actually faster than
nowadays TT bike setups. Now that’s quite something. Obree proved that him and Old Faithful were not just fast in the wind tunnel but also fast on the bike and he won the world Hour
record not once but twice. (exhaling loudly) That is cool,
winning a world Hour record with a bike made out of
washing machine bearings. (trance music) Okay, so think back over
the last big time trials. I’m talking individual
and team time trials in the World Tour. And then think of the
thing that ties the winners of those events together. I’m talking about the
bike they are riding. The BMC Timemachine is by far the most successful TT bike
of the last couple of years. Since its launch in
2016, the BMC Timemachine has taken a staggering 28 wins. No other bike has even come
close to this level of success. The BMC Timemachine is the result of a three-year long old
collaboration with BMC and Sauber, Sauber being the motorsport
engineering company that has built and raced
Formula One cars since 1993. BMC and Sauber worked really hard to create the absolute fastest bike that would help all riders
in all different positions. The only big question is will
the BMC time trial machine continue its great success under the likes of Dimension Data? Actually, thinking about
it, Boasson Hagen just won the Volta a Valenciana
TT, so I guess it will. (relaxed EDM music) This is a bike that you’d
probably recognize if you see it but you probably won’t know its name and that’s because it’s been through quite a few over the years, from Team GB’s bike, the
Secret Squirrel bike, but its actual name is the United Kingdom Sports Institute bike. These are those really strange looking low toptubes and skinny headtubes with big, bulky handlebars and stem. The United Kingdom Sports Institute Bikes, or the UKSI bikes, were
first launched in Athens at the 2004 Olympics and
a version of those bikes have been ridden for the next eight years on the road and the track,
most noticeably though on the time trials at the London Olympics. Now I did do some research on this and the UKSI bike has won a staggering 18 Olympic gold medals, from
Athens to London in 2012. And seeing as the bike
could have only won 34, that is one incredible hit rate. It has also been ridden
to numerous world records, most noticeably though
in the team pursuit. (energetic rock music) Now the reason this strange-looking
bike has made our list is because Denise Mueller-Korenek has ridden it to the
land speed world record, yet the fastest a bike
has gone on land ever. It’s quite literally staggering
how fast this bike has gone. Denise rode her bike 183.934 miles per hour. That’s close to 300 kilometers per hour. I mean, the speed that she rode that bike is quite literally mind blowing! I don’t think I can get
my head around that. Two-wheel bike, 183 miles per hour! Could I do it? Nah. I mean, that is just too fast. That very special KHS bike was actually designed to fit 17″ width yet wheels used for a drag racing scooter. They also had to lengthen it to increase stability for Denise because she would be riding
some incredibly fast speeds and they did that using
two Cannondale forks and replacing the chainstays
and the seatstays. And then they used a really clever double-reduction gear
system to get to a gear that is equivalent to 204 by 11. That is a crazy big gear. That is, yeah. That’s a crazy big gear. There you have it, the top
five fastest bikes of all time. If you think we’ve missed out one, then why don’t you chuck that
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