5 Essential Mountain Bike Street Skills To Master

– Right, five basic street
tricks that anyone can do. Just need a bike. And if you can’t do them, a little bit of practise will
get you there in no time. Right, number one. The side hop. Doesn’t need to be big
side hop, can be up a curb. And I found one, right here. I’m gonna give it a go. (slow atmospheric music) So if you’re new to the side hop, starting small by using a curb
to practise this is perfect. When getting it to a bigger level, the bigger you can hop, the
bigger side hop you can do. Basically, the side hop is a bunny hop but you’re using your hips and your handlebars to move the bike in the
direction you’re side hopping. Right, this one’s a bit tricky. This is the manual, to drop. It gets a bit tricky when the drop gets a little bit higher because if your nose starts to go,
that could be game over. But, little tip, give a
little nudge on the pedals, just to keep the front end up, just a little bit longer off
the drop, and you’ll get it. But you can start off small,
off a curb is perfect. (catchy atmospheric music) Does seem like a corner of
a curb, which it is, but, this is perfect practising
for the nose press. Like a nose bonk. Watch this. Right, this is a neat little
trick to do in the streets, it’s perfect, cause it’s such
an easy trick you can start off super small, and work your way all the way up to a massive one. But, it’s all about compressing
both wheels into the ground, and lifting them up together, and then bonking your front wheel down, on this object that you’re bonking, and using that bonk to
bring you back off it. Then you can get big like that. You can even go even bigger. If you’ve got a really big hop. Oh yeah. That’s the nose bonk. Right, well that is the
basic way of learning how to do skinny’s. If you find bricks in the pavement, on the floor, or anything
that’s skinny enough, if you can stay in the
lines, practise that, you can move onto bigger
things, higher things, rails, even Danny Mac does them. Pro tip though, always look ahead. That’s my pro tip. Don’t look at your front wheel. So when you’ve mastered the little line and you’ve moved onto a thinner line, then you wanna move it on to an object, and then you wanna challenge yourself, then this one, is very challenging. Look at it, it’s thin,
it’s off the ground, and your wheel can go both ways. Let’s have a go, it might
take a few goes though. Yeah, close. Right, gaps, one of my favourite
things to do in the streets and a good challenge as well. And the best way of learning this one, is basically putting two sticks down, jumping them, moving them apart, jumping them, moving them apart. Even jumping over a drain cover can help. And then when you’ve done that, and you’ve been doing
it for ages like myself, you can go from one car
park space, to the other. And if you can do that, you
can jump across driveways. And if you can do that,
how big can you go? Just practise makes perfect. (slow atmospheric music) Learn how big you can hop in a car park and when your confidence is high and you know your distance, you can hit gaps just like
this one, in the streets. That is my five, basic street skills that you guys should learn. But if you want to know more, let me know in the comments below. More advanced, more basic, whatever. But if you want to click
here, how to bunny hop. If you want to click here, how to learn to manual, click here. Click on the globe, if
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