5 Bucket List Events | Neil’s Essential Mountain Bike Events You Must Ride

– For the mountain biker that
likes to challenge themselves I’ve made a list of what
I think are the top five bucket list events that
everyone should consider trying. One of the craziest races
out there and something I think you’ve got to
try once is the Mega, a mass start race high
on the Pic Blanc glacier above Alpe D’Huez in France
at 3,300 meters in elevation. The starts can be carnage. Battling with hundreds of other racers down a super fast start in the snow before hitting the open rocks sections and endless single track. The atmosphere is electric
with riders everywhere. If you’re into dance music pumping, helicopters buzzing overhead,
it feels like you’re racing from the top of
the world to the bottom. The top riders compete
in the 30 kilometer long, 2,000 meter descent in about 38 minutes. The snow conditions will
change from year to year but in good conditions
the top riders can reach over 70 miles per hour. Riders reach the bottom completely spent from exertion and adrenaline and spend the next few hours
retelling the crazy stories. The Absa Cape Epic has been
challenging riders since 2004 and has become a highlight
of the race calendar for many of the top
riders and has even been described as a Tour de
France for mountain bikes. Teams of two take on the
prologue and seven days of racing over around 700 kilometers
and 30,000 meters of climbing over the Western Cape of South Africa. The course is redesigned each year. Every year we see the
amazing photos of helicopters following a long trail of
racers going hell-for-leather through the incredible
open African landscapes. The results sheets have been filled by cross-country legends like Nino
Schurtur, Christoph Sauser, Burry Stander, Ariane
Lutee, and Annika Langvad. But the race is made up of hundreds of inspired amateurs who
want to test themselves against the best in the world
in the rugged, mixed terrain. Six hundred teams take
part but you’ll need to take part in a lottery to get a place. The Tour Divide for the for
the ultra endurance athletes this has to be the ultimate test. A race with no entry fee, no registration, and no prize for finishing
is still one of the most prestigious and
hard-fought out there. The Tour Divide is an
ultra endurance event raced in the Great Divide
route from Canada to the border of Mexico, or the
other way around, you choose. Most riders ride for about
16 hours or more a day in bedrock by the side of the trail. 2,750 miles at 200,000 feet
or 61,000 meters of climbing. Grizzly bears, mountain lions, it truly is an epic test for the self-supported rider. The record is 13 days,
22 hours, and 51 minutes held by the English endurance legend and sadly passed away, Mike Hall. Crankworx Whistler. Whistler
really is Disneyland for mountain bikers and
for nine days in August it hosts Crankworx. The main event is a joyride slopestyle, the most important event in the world for slopestyle riders who push the limits every year to try to take the title in front of thousands of spectators. For mere mortals there
are plenty of events if you want to get
involved from Dual Slolem to Enduro, Downhill, Air Downhill on the classic A-Line
trail with countless jumps, or the Garbonzo Downhill
with 3,400 feet of drop, there’s something for everyone. But save your energy for
the Dirt Diaries video night and legendary parties that
take place every night. Fortunately the lifts run till 8 PM if you don’t get an early start. Now finally I’ve lumped
a few together here but let’s talk about enduro stage races, something I think
everyone’s got to try once. There’s things like the Trans-Provence, Andes Pacifico, all sorts of these races. Trans meaning traveling-through races have been around for a while. The TransRockies race
has been taking riders through the epic North
American single track of the Rocky Mountains since 2002. What better way to experience the trails of a certain part of the world? In more recent years the Trans-Provence has shown some of the
world’s top endurance riders the incredible terrain of the south of France and the Alps Maritime. There are plenty more
of these races like the Trans Maderia, Trans BC, Trans Vesuviana, Trans-Nomad, or the Andes Pacifico to go against the Trans naming. Plenty to entice the cross-country enduro riders that want to experience these out-of-the-way trails. And from my experience I’ve done the Trans Savoie in France
and the Andes Pacifico. Normally six or seven really hard days but really fulfilling days as a rider. Right now that’s my top
five bucket list events. I’d love to hear what yours are. Let me know about some cool events that I might not even know about. But off the top of my
head there’s things like Yak Attack, Mountain of
Hell, or maybe one of those urban downhills in Taxco,
pretty cool things. I’d love to maybe try one of those. So let me know your ideas down below. If you want to see some more videos click over there for a video
from Whistler with Blake. And over there for adding to my numbers. Hit thumbs up if you like if
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