5  Bike Inventions That Will Make Bike Thieves Jobless

5 Bike Inventions That Will Make Bike Thieves Jobless

Bikes are stolen like a lot. Two every minute, over
a million every year, and that’s just what’s reported. That’s why we’re so
excited to bring you Linka, the world’s first
auto-unlocking smart bike lock. Linka can do a lot of cool
things, but at its core, it’s a powerful lock that’s
hard mounted to your frame, so you’re always ready. When you’re ready to lock
up, just tap the button, and a hardened steel
ring slides into place, making it impossible to ride away. So now that your bike’s locked, if someone tries picking it up, Linka has a built-in accelerometer that automatically triggers a siren stopping the thief in their tracks while simultaneously
sending a tamper alert directly to your phone
so you know what’s up. Now, what makes a Linka a smart lock is its ability to recognize who you are and automatically unlock as you approach. Of course, you can always
unlock it with your smartphone or for phoneless access you can press your four-digit passcode. So if you want to lock
your bike to something, add on a Linka chain and just lock up to an existing bike rack. If you already have a chain or a U-lock, then you’re all set. Inside Linka is a really powerful battery. You can get up to one whole
year before your next charge, and the Linka app notifies
you when your battery is low, so you never really
have to think about it. So about the app. Not only does it auto-unlock Linka, send tamper alerts, and
track battery usage. We’re really excited to introduce
our theft indicator map. The app tracks reported
stolen bikes in your area and warns you of dangerous locations. We’ll even recommend
a safer place to park. (light music) – [Voiceover] This is John. Like 63% of all bicycle users, John had his bicycle stolen,
and it keeps happening. – Ugh, not again. (sighs) – [Voiceover] Bicycle locks
today are really old-fashioned. They’re heavy, poorly designed, and have terrible value for money. Imagine John could take out his smartphone and locate his bicycle while
the thief is on the run. We have invented the first
GPS-tracked, siren-alarmed, sensor-enabled bicycle lock. (upbeat music) Best of all, there’s no key. It is fully remote controlled
with your smartphone. So, how does it work? With Lock 8, John can
secure his bicycle easily with a swipe of his finger on the app, or he can simply walk
away to activate the alarm with or without the cable. Now John’s bike is safe. When a thief tries to
tamper with the lock, it will trigger a painfully loud alarm since the cable is wired. And you immediately
receive a push notification on your mobile phone, which
allows you to react quickly. If he attempts to hammer
it off or if he uses a saw, the vibration sensor will
also trigger the alarm. Freezing Lock 8 or attempting
to melt it will be useless since the device also has a
thermometer, which will trigger the alarm in case of an
abrupt change in temperature. With the community alarm
feature, you can add other people so that they also receive
the push notification in case you’re away. You can locate, share,
borrow, and lend bikes. With Lock 8, you can
send an electronic key to your friends on Facebook and allow them to use your
bike anywhere, anytime. (“The Heart” by Needtobreathe) – [Voiceover] At Noke, we
thought the lock industry could use a little shaking up, so we created the Noke padlock, the world’s first smart padlock. Noke has won numerous awards
and has been recognized as a game-changing innovation. However, some people need an
extra level of protection, so we created the Noke U-lock. Incorporating all the
cutting-edge technology used in the original Noke into a practically indestructible
hardened steel body, the Noke U-lock will protect
your bicycle or motorbike in the toughest environments while also giving you easy access using only your smartphone. Available with an app for iOS, Android, and Windows phones, the Noke U-lock uses wireless
Bluetooth technology. When clicked, it automatically
looks for a phone with a compatible key and unlocks. You don’t even need to remove your phone from your pocket or purse. Just click and go. No more worrying about lost
keys or forgotten combinations. Sharing your bike with others is easy. With just a couple taps,
you can quickly and securely share your bike with your friends. Even better, you can
revoke access automatically without needing to track down keys. The Noke U-lock incorporates a long life rechargeable battery that will last several
years between charges, but we wanted the Noke
U-lock to do even more, so we added an alarm. After locking Noke, hold down the button to arm the alarm function. If someone tampers with your Noke for more than three seconds, a loud alarm will shriek for 30 seconds, drawing attention and likely
scaring off the intruder. The alarm function resets
every time you open Noke. The history function in the
app shows you who, when, and where Noke was used. What if your phone dies or is lost? Not a problem. Just key in your custom quick click code. This ensures that you’ll
never be left stranded. In the unlikely event that you
ignore the warning in the app and let your battery die, you can always give Noke a jump start with an external battery. Finally, maybe you don’t have a smartphone or prefer to bike without it. We’ve got you covered. Just add the optional
key fob to your order, and you’ll be able to access Noke with or without your smartphone. – Sure, it looks like a typical U-lock. Yes, you use it to lock up your bike, and, yes, it’s as strong
as any lock on the market, but Skylock is a lot more. You know what keyless entry is, right? Like when someone unlocks their car just by walking up to it. Well, Skylock is keyless
entry for your bike. It uses always on Bluetooth
LE to connect to your phone so you can lock and unlock your
bike with a tap of a button. And thanks to Skylock’s solar panel, its battery never runs out. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t
leave my bike unattended for even an hour, but
Skylock isn’t ordinary. It has a built-in anti-theft feature. I just log Skylock into
my local Wi-Fi network, and it sends me an alert if anything or anyone disturbs my bike. (beep) (slurping) Skylock uses its built-in
accelerometer to monitor all movement when you’re not
around, and you can adjust the sensitivity to make sure
there’s an actual threat. You don’t even need to tap
a button to unlock Skylock. You can set it to use
your proximity to unlock. (click) Or if you don’t have your
phone, just enter a code using the capacitive touch pad. Let’s talk safety. (bang)
(thud) Skylock knows when you’ve
been in an accident and will check to make sure you’re okay. (beep) If you’re not okay, it’ll
alert the authorities. Help is on the way. Your bike can be out getting
use even when you’re not riding it because Skylock
makes bike-sharing super easy. You can give anyone with a
smartphone access to your Skylock instantly, securely. – [Woman] See you later, boo boo. (upbeat music) (click) (rhythmic electronic music) – [Voiceover] It’s time to
get rid of your bike key. One less thing to carry
and no more lost keys or endless searches to find them because Bitlock is replacing your bike key with your smartphone. To use Bitlock, simply
walk up to your bike and press the button
on Bitlock to open it. Bitlock senses your proximity
and knows who you are. You don’t even have to touch your phone. It works like magic. When you reach your destination, simply press the button on
Bitlock again to lock your bike, and walk away from it. Bitlock disables itself once
you get three feet away. Alternatively, you can
lock and unlock Bitlock directly from the app. Every time you interact with Bitlock, your bike location is bookmarked
using your phone’s GPS, so you’ll never forget where you parked. (rhythmic music)