40 Minute Fat Burning Indoor Cycling Training: Random HIIT Workout – Passo Pordoi

– We are in Alta Badia, in the Dolomites, and Lasty and I are just about
to climb up the Passo Pordoi. Come and join us! (upbeat music) Welcome along everybody. As I’ve already mentioned on screen, we are in the beautiful
region of Alta Badia in the Dolomites, in Northern Italy, and today you are joining
myself and Mr. Tom Last in climbing up the Passo Pordoi. Now if you’ve ever done the
Maratona dles Dolomites before, you will know this climb. If you’re going to do it, this should be the second climb that you
do, no matter which length of route you’re going
to take on this year. Now this is a random race effort session, and as such, the efforts
are completely random. And I’m actually not going to forewarn you of all of the efforts right
now, instead, I’m just going to give you a little bit of advanced warning, just before we get to each one. But needless to say,
this is going to be hard, this is going to get you
fit, and used to all sorts of intervals of different durations, so that when you’re out on the
open road you can really fly. Now we got two minutes
and 40 left of our warmup, I’m gonna start at an effort level of two, but by the end of this
warmup, get up towards five. Get the blood pumping in the legs, get the heart rate gradually rising. Now there will be all sorts
of different intervals, there’ll be some sprints, some tempo, so sweet spots, some max effort
30 second intervals as well. In order to get to the right resistance, you can either use your
gears, which is what I’m going to be doing on
this, my CycleOps trainer, or if you’ve got some resistance settings on your trainer at home
you can use them as well. (upbeat music) So try and get it over 90 RPMs now. (upbeat music) This climb is 9.2 kilometres in length, with an average gradient of 6.9%. In that time, we’re going to be climbing over 600 metres in terms of vertical gain, and ’cause we start
quite high at the bottom, that means that by the
top, we’re going to be over 2,200 metres above sea level, and well into the snow line. One and a half minutes
to go of our warm up, up to an effort level of three now. (upbeat music) Actually not a bad idea
to start drinking already, even though you’re not yet thirsty, because you are going to be sweating in the not too distant future. (upbeat music) Okay, one minute to go of our warm up. And now I’m going to tell
you that the first part of this session is going to be
tempo effort of three minutes. And you want to be at a cadence that’s high for this one, 110 RPM. If you haven’t got a cadence sensor, you can simply follow the yellow arrows going around on your screen,
try and keep your pedalling in time with that, and it’s going to be at a seven out of 10 effort level. Now it’s important to
note that the effort level relates to the duration of each interval, so 10 out of 10 for a
sprint is max effort, 10 out of 10 for a threshold effort is what you could sustain
maximally for an hour. 15 seconds to go, time to try and find the right gear for a tempo effort. (upbeat music) Five, three, two, one, and increase the cadence and increase the effort level to seven. (upbeat music) We’ve got three minutes of this. Even though the cadence is high, you want to try and keep your upper body nice, and still, and
firm, just get the legs spinning ’round underneath you. (upbeat music) That’s it, well done. (upbeat music) Now we still got a fair way to go, so don’t put too much into this first one, it is only tempo, it
should feel manageable. If you have anyone next to you, you should be able to hold a conversation at least of a few words at a time. (upbeat music) So these are the lower
slopes, as you can see, still green down here. It is a huge incline if
you ever want to go out and visit the region,
there are six or seven amazing climbs, all in the same area. And if you do the full length Maratona, you’ll actually be completing all of them. (upbeat music) One minute 20 to go at this tempo effort, shortly I’ll be letting you
know what’s coming next. Keep the cadence high, and
keep the effort at seven. (upbeat music) One minute to go. (upbeat music) 40 seconds to go. Okay, next up, we have
one minute of torque. So the RPM is going to
almost half, down to 60 RPM, but the effort level is
going to go up two notches to nine out of 10. (upbeat music) 15 seconds. (upbeat music) 10 to go. So when I overtake Lasty on his Trek, we’re going to push it down a few gears, three, two, one, right. Now to 60 RPM, increase
the effort level slightly. It’s only one minute of this. Again, keep your whole body smooth. (upbeat music)
(breathing heavily) Try and stay seated, unlike Lasty. (upbeat music) 30 seconds to go. And next up, we have got
a sweet spot interval. 90 RPM, eight out of 10 effort level, and it’s our last 15 minutes. (upbeat music) 10 to go on this, get ready to go up
again through the gears. (upbeat music) Two, one, back up through the gears. And you can take it down one
notch on the effort level, to eight out of 10. Three minutes of this, keep your cadence in line
with the yellow dots. (upbeat music) And don’t forget to drink, ’cause it might be getting harder later. Not gonna tell you. (upbeat music) Well done everyone, two minutes 20 to go. (upbeat music) And once again, at this kind
of effort level sweet spot, you should still be able
to talk, just about, but it is getting slightly
less comfortable now. (upbeat music) And there you can see the snow line ahead. (upbeat music) Halfway through this one. (upbeat music) You’re going first, big hairpins. (upbeat music) Now with one minute to go, time for me to tell you what’s coming up next. I’m afraid, coming up next is
a 30 second flat out interval. 10 out of 10 in terms of your effort, and will be keeping cadence high. (upbeat music) I’m letting my cadence
drop while I concentrate. 30 seconds to go. (upbeat music) Oh, we’ve already got a sweat on. (upbeat music) Maybe I haven’t followed my own advice about pacing, gone too hard, too early. (upbeat music) 15. (upbeat music) 10, you ready? (upbeat music) You can click out one gear to start with. Five, three, two, one, go! Flat out! (upbeat music) 100 RPM, click it down through
the gears if you need to. (upbeat music) 20. (upbeat music) Halfway, 15! (upbeat music) 10! (upbeat music) Keep it going! (upbeat music) Five, three, two, one, down. Okay, we’re back into sweet
spot, just two minutes and 15. Effort level eight out
of 10, try and get it back to a smooth rhythm. (upbeat music) Two minutes to go, 90 RPMs. (upbeat music) I’m getting hot. (upbeat music) Last time I had a fan. (upbeat music) I need to get a fan. (upbeat music) Okay remind yourself to keep smooth, we’re not halfway through this yet, so you’ve got a long way still to go. Varying interval lengths coming up. (upbeat music) Don’t forget to drink if you can. (upbeat music) One minute. (upbeat music) 45 seconds to go. Nice steady gradient here,
so get yourself into a rhythm before we break your rhythm again shortly. (upbeat music) 30. (upbeat music) There’s Lasty on the front again. Designed that bike himself, you know. (upbeat music) Right, 15 seconds to go now. Coming up next is another
30 second flat out interval. (upbeat music) 100 RPM, keep it in the
same gear to start with, get on top of it, and then move it up. Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) That’s it everyone, flat out! 10 out of 10! (upbeat music) 20 seconds to go on this! (upbeat music) Keep it going! (upbeat music) 100 RPM, 10 seconds. Coming up next, tempo. (upbeat music) Five, four, three, two, one, down. Seven out of 10, what we
started with after our warm up. Now remember what gear or
resistance you were at, and go back there. As I said, I’m using gears
on my CycleOps Hammer here to adjust the resistance. (upbeat music) So I’m back where I was after the warm up. (upbeat music) 90 RPM, seven out of 10 effort level. (upbeat music) One and half minutes to go on this one. Back to being smooth. If you’re training for climbing, get yourself into a climbing position, like Lasty is there, like
I am here on the top. (upbeat music)
(breathing heavily) My word. (upbeat music) Even though you’re still at tempo here, here’s a chance to let
yourself recover slightly here. Gotta keep the pressure
on the power on slightly, but it’s not as hard as the sweet spot and they’re cool, not as hard as those flat out intervals we’ve been doing. (upbeat music) 30 seconds to go, okay, coming up next is a four minute
interval, our longest yet, and it is at your
functional threshold power (FTP), if you’re using a power
metre, sit dead on it. You’re going on feel,
concentrate on threshold power, what you can do at maximum for an hour. This is four minutes,
so it’s going to feel ultimately like a nine out of 10 effort when we get to the end of the four minute. Two, one, now. Now we’re raising it from tempo, we’re still keeping it
smooth, we’re at 90 RPM. (upbeat music) Heart rate should be coming up now if it hasn’t done already from
those max 30 second efforts. (upbeat music) Whew, my eyes are stinging from the sweat. (upbeat music) Three and a half minutes to go. You can get out of the
saddle if you want, briefly, that’s what I’m going to
do, to relieve some muscles, but try and keep the power at threshold. (upbeat music) Three minutes to go. (upbeat music) Well done, everyone. As I said, this is really going to improve your general fitness,
and allow you to expunge for all sorts of pace
changes, if you’re in a race, or if you’re in a local
group ride, or chain gang. We’re not just focusing on one of your physiological systems here,
we’re working them all, we’re keeping the body guessing, and if it’s the first time
you’re doing this section, we’re keeping your mind guessing, too. (upbeat music) Okay, we’re over halfway through this four minute FTP effort, all right, there’s one
and a half minutes to go, so just concentrate. And concentrate on the position
you want to improve on. So if you’re looking to
go faster on the flat, you can do this effort down here, get aero on the hoods. But if you’re looking to
improve your climbing, give your lungs a bit more room, just being out it
doesn’t matter (mumbles). (upbeat music) One minute to go. I know how Lasty felt riding
up here next to me now. (upbeat music) How are you doing? (upbeat music) Okay keep the concentration, 45 seconds. (upbeat music) Right, with 30 seconds to
go, and I have the pleasure of informing you, that you are
deserving a recovery period, that’s what’s coming next. Three minutes, spinning the legs easy, oh, five out of 10 effort level. 15 seconds until that,
concentrate until then, lift it if you can. (upbeat music) Eight, five, three, two, one, okay, turn the resistance
off, go down though the gears, we’ll take the resistance
off on your trainer. You’ve got three minutes of spinning, keeping the RPMs high,
get your breath back, ready for part two. (upbeat music) And if you are lucky
enough to see an advert in this part of the training session, you get a slightly longer recovery pace. (upbeat music) Okay we’re coming up
towards halfway through the overall duration of this session, just under two minutes of recovery to go, keep the legs spinning. (upbeat music) Don’t slack off too much, this is still five out of 10 effort. It’s gonna feel a lot easier than what we’ve just been doing, but this is the kind of effort you were at towards the end of your warm up. (upbeat music) One and half minutes of recovery to go. Okay, should we take a drink? Wipe the sweat off. (upbeat music) If you would like to
purchase as GCN towel for your indoor training,
they’re available at shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com All right. (upbeat music) 50 seconds to go. With 30 to go, I’ll let you
know what’s coming up next. (upbeat music) Okay still climbing, still
hopping around 7% gradient as it does all the way up. 30 seconds ’til our next effort, and our next effort is
only 10 seconds long. It’s a flat out sprint
in the saddle at 110 RPM. So with 10 seconds to go, we’re gonna get the resistance, or the gearing in place. (upbeat music) Here we go, get yourself ready. 10 seconds, you should be in a gear now that is gonna take you
almost 10 to get on top of. One, go! (upbeat music) Five, two, one! Back down. (upbeat music) Okay, you now have 50
seconds of recovery time, effort level five, and
then we’ll repeat that. (upbeat music) 30 to go, keep it spinning. (upbeat music) Once again, with 10 to go, wanna get back into the right gear or resistance. (upbeat music) All right, 10 to go, get
back up through the gears. (upbeat music) Five, three, two, one, flat out! Come on! Everything through those pedals! Five, two, one, back down. We’ll have 50 seconds of recovery. Keep pedalling. (breathes heavily) (upbeat music) Well done everyone. 17 minutes to go at this section, let’s make the most of it. 30 to go, and then we’ve got
another 10 second sprint. Exactly the same. (upbeat music) Five seconds until we
wanna change gears again, or resistance. And up. Five, get yourself ready,
three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) Four, two, one, and down. (upbeat music) Another 50 seconds of recovery now. (upbeat music) And then it’s two minutes
back at sweet spot. So 90 RPM, above tempo, less than functional threshold power. (upbeat music) It might feel slightly
hard, especially if you’re going with the powermeter today. Down to sweet spot effort like before. 20 seconds to go until then. With 10 to go, back up to the big ring, and tweak the resistance slightly. 10, here we go. (upbeat music) I’m in the big ring, a
little out the block, three, two, one, okay,
get it back up to tempo, I mean sweet spot. Two minutes of this,
eight out of 10 effort, and 90 RPM, so spinning nicely again. (upbeat music) Carry on drinking if you can. You should get through at least one bottle if you’re training indoors for this. (upbeat music) Less than an minute and half
to go until the next part. (upbeat music) Don’t let the cadence drop as I just did, keep concentrating. Into the snow line now, one minute to go. (upbeat music) (breathing heavily) Well done everyone. Coming up to 2,000
metres elevation shortly. (upbeat music) Really well done. (upbeat music) 30 to go, 90 RPM still. Coming up next, same
power, same effort level, different cadence. This is back to torque on the
next part of this session. Another two minutes, we’re
going back down to 60 RPM, and as I said, keeping
the effort the same. 10 to go until that. (upbeat music) Five, three, two, one, down. (upbeat music) Two minutes of this, come on! (upbeat music) One and a half minutes. (upbeat music) Remember, this is not flat out. Eight out of 10 effort. You should feel like you’ve
always got something more in the tank if you really need it. And you might do in a
minute, or 10 second minute. (upbeat music) We pretty much see the top
of the climb just there. (upbeat music) One minute to go, keep the
pedalling action smooth. (upbeat music) 40 seconds to go. (upbeat music) And 30. Now if you remember at
the start of this section, we did some 30 second intervals that were really quite painful. That’s what’s coming
up next in 20 seconds. (upbeat music) You can actually knock
it up through the gears in five seconds to go, you wanna keep the RPM’s high for this one. 10, (upbeat music) five, start going up through your gears, flat out for 30 seconds
in two, one, and go! (upbeat music) It’s gonna hurt, but get through it! (upbeat music) That’s it everyone, come on! (upbeat music) 20! We are flying up this climb! (upbeat music) Just 10 seconds left. (upbeat music) Five, three, two, one,
okay, back down to tempo, seven out of 10. Remember, this is what you
started at after your warm up. (upbeat music)
(breathing heavily) Oh my word. (upbeat music) Okay, try and get your breath back, concentrate on breathing all the way into the stomach, get it under control. (upbeat music) You should be recovering slightly, but still crushing on the pedals. A minute to go of this, 90 RPM. Seven out of 10 in terms of effort level. (upbeat music) 30 seconds to go. You remember that 30
second interval just then? That was even more painful
than the first one. That’s what’s next! Don’t blame me, I’m captain cooking. (upbeat music)
(breathing heavily) 10. At five seconds get the gear ready again. Five, three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) 30 seconds, 10 out of 10! Get over the top of that gear! (upbeat music) (breathing heavily) 20 to go! (upbeat music) 10 to go! (upbeat music) Five, and then back down to tempo, three, keep it going, one! Now it’s back your gear
you were in before. One minute of tempo,
seven out of 10 again. (upbeat music) If I can’t speak for the last 10 minutes, just go on the information on your screen. (upbeat music) (breathing heavily)
(upbeat music) I can tell I’m getting uncomfortable when I’m starting to get out the saddle. (upbeat music) Try and keep the cadence at 90. (upbeat music) Next up, we’ve got another
threshold effort, FTP. 10 out of 10 for an hour,
this is only three minutes. So it’s gonna be eight
to nine, 10 effort level. We’re starting that in
five, four, three, two, one, we’ve got to go, up to
functional threshold power. (upbeat music) 90 RPM, Lloydy’s attacked! (upbeat music) Didn’t see myself attack! Now we’re getting back, come on. (upbeat music) (breathing heavily)
(upbeat music) 2:20 to go. (upbeat music) My chance to drop in, and
to click it up a gear. (upbeat music) Now with only 7 and a half
minutes of this session to go, let’s make the most of it. (upbeat music) He’s gaining! Look at him! Getting out of vision! Come on. (upbeat music) Don’t let anyone beat me. (mumbles)
(upbeat music) One and a half minutes to go. (upbeat music) Try to keep it smooth, I
know it’s really hard now. (upbeat music) I’m seeing the same thing as you. (upbeat music) Nine out of 10 effort still though. Just got a little bit left. (upbeat music) If you really had to, you were chasing, you were chased by a nasty dog. We’re catching him! A minute to go! (upbeat music) Come on! (upbeat music) We about saw it again! (upbeat music) He’s playing with us! Come on! (upbeat music) 40 seconds! (upbeat music) 30, come on, let’s try and catch
him in the next 30 seconds! (upbeat music) 20! That’s it, he’s coming back! (upbeat music) 15! (upbeat music) Five, and then back down to
tempo when we’ve caught him, two, one, and that’s
it, back down one notch. Seven out of 10. We blew his lights out. (upbeat music) Well done everyone! Less than five minutes to
go, including your cool down, In 30 seconds from now, we’re gonna take it all
the way to the peak, the finish line, or the Passo Pordoi in the Alta Badia region of the Dolomites. 20 seconds to go, so we’re gonna give it almost as much as we’ve got. (upbeat music) And it’s about a minute
and a half to the top. (upbeat music) Five, three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) Lift it up! And glide slightly, just
over a minute and a half. (upbeat music) Oh, he’s going again! Come on! On his wheel! (upbeat music) Stick on the wheel. (upbeat music) Keep the cadence high! 100 RPM! This is the last effort now! (upbeat music) (breathing heavily) Ooh! (upbeat music) Oh my goodness, he’s
out the saddle, come on! One minute to go! (upbeat music) 50 seconds, I can’t
talk, look at the screen. (upbeat music) There’s the top! (upbeat music) He’s gone too early, come on! We can still get this! (upbeat music) 30 seconds! Keep the cadence high! (upbeat music) 20 to go, he’s coming back. (upbeat music) 15. (upbeat music) 10! (upbeat music) Five! (upbeat music) Two, one, cool down. Ohh, well done everyone. (upbeat music) That was tough! (upbeat music) That was tougher than climbing it in real life in minus two degrees. Oh my word! All right, try and keep the legs spinning in a really easy gear. Can’t open my eyes. (upbeat music) That was a good session. As I said, it focuses
not just on one specific physiological system, but keeps
you working on all of them. Very little recovery time
as you’ve now experienced. (upbeat music) But you’re not gonna get much more out of a 40 minutes session than that. (upbeat music) Okay give yourself
another minute and a half of spinning the legs,
let yourself cool down. (upbeat music) If you’ve still got any
drink left have some of that. (upbeat music) But don’t forget that your recovery period is just as, if not more important, than the actual training that you put in. If you don’t let yourself recover, then the hours immediately after, and the day after a
training session like this, and you start to go hard again too early, you’re gonna dig yourself a hole. So you want enough impetus
and stimulation of your body that you then want to give it enough rest to actually benefit from and
absorb the work you’ve done. Okay, 45 seconds. (upbeat music) You should be starting to feel
a bit more human again now, if you’re anything like me. (upbeat music) (laughs) That was a good
session, in hindsight. Thanks, Matt! 30 seconds to go. (upbeat music) Now, if you search our
channel, you’ll be able to find loads more training
videos, if you don’t ever want to miss one, make sure you subscribe by sitting on the globe. Meanwhile, if you would like
to climb one of the other specific climbs here in Alta Badia, you can click in one corner,
and find the Campolongo, and you can click in the
corner and find the hardest one from the Maratona, the Passo Giau. And if you liked this session, even though it was extremely hard, please give it a thumbs up, and share it with your sadomasochistic mates. (upbeat music)