13 Cheap Hacks For E-Bike Riding In Winter

– There’s no need to
stop riding your E-Bike over the winter. Especially when that
rain’s hammering down, and the trails are all muddy. In fact, this is the best
time to be out there. There’s a few hacks I’ve
used over the years, and today’s video, I’m going to be showing
you a few of those. (energetic electrical boom) (powerful) So, goggles and glasses tend to steam up when you’re working hard. Obviously, on the climbs and things, you’re not going to need the eye cover. So, what I suggest you do on those climbs, just get a nice clean bit of tissue, something like that, wrap those glasses up, stick them in your pockets, making sure those lenses
are nice and covered. That way, when you get
to that top of the climb and you’re ready to descend, those glasses are steam
free and ready to go. (swish) Toothpaste, you might wonder what the hell I’m doing
with this out on the trail. No, I’m not gonna be brushing my teeth. What I am doing is
smearing a small little bit on the inside of my glasses. Actually, that way it’s
gonna to stop those glasses steaming up when you
are out in the trails. Also, going to be keeping
your eyes minty fresh too. (swish) If your not feeling the hacked, you can get down to the
local car parts supplier. There’s loads of products
like this rain repellent here. Basically, all this does is just beads that rain
up on your glasses, and turns it into little tiny beads when you are going forward, that’s just going to roll off
and fly off with the wind. Also, for inside the goggles
is where you got anti-fog. You can put that inside there. It’s going to stop those
goggles steaming up as well. (powerful) It’s a nice little hack,
before you hit the trails is actually to spray your
bike with some silicon spray. Just down the down tube, maybe
on the back of the seat tube. All those problem areas, where you see a lot of
mud buildup on your bike. Is obviously gong to vary
between the different brands. But just obviously spray onto a rag. Because spraying it
directly onto your frame, you’re going to run that
risk that silicon spray going onto those disk
obviously contaminate it. So just make sure you got that on the rag. Just any problem areas, just give it a good
soaking with some WD40. That way, when that bike gets muddy, that mud is literally just going to drop straight off the bike. (powerful) So, a nice little hack, if you haven’t got a front mudguard is actually make one
out of old inner tube. I did this the other day at the trails. I turned up, it was way
muddier than I expected. I was hitting the trails. Every run, a face full of mud. So, all I did was just trimmed, cut a little section out of inner tube just what would actually fit between your front tire and
the fork crown, cut that. Then all you do is just open it up, cut a little bit holes in there, a couple of zip ties, put it to your fork
crown and your fork arch and there you go, you got a nice little mudguard, stops all that mud firing
up off that front tire. (powerful) So, when it comes to
footwear for winter riding, there’s no thing as a
complete waterproof shoe. But you can help yourself
out a hell of a lot just with a simple piece of duct tape. What I like to do, just
get a piece of this and stick it over my lace holes. Actually, the lace hole
is going to be the bit where you get the most of that water in. And work your way up, making sure it is nicely
stuck down the whole way. Actually, gives you a nice waterproof bit of seal on those laces. So work your way up, that way any water that
runs off your waterproofs, is actually going to run
off your shoe as well. (powerful) When you’re hitting the trails, you might find yourself sliding around a bit more out there on the trails. Especially on roots,
rocks, things like that. So, it’s a good idea just to drop your tire pressure
down just two or three PSI. Going to give you a lot more
predictability in that tire. It’s going to let that tire to form over those rocks and roots. Should give you a bit more
grip out there on the trails. (air releasing) (powerful) Ziplock bags, an essential bit a kit when it comes to riding in the rain. It means you can stick
your phone in there, keep it nice and dry. Even when your Mrs. calls you and you’re out in the hammering rain, you can whip that out of your riding pack. These things are touch sensitive so you can still use that phone to text her back that you’re not going to be back for another two hours, ’cause you’re enjoying
your wet ride so much. Gives you a nice piece of mind. You can stick that in there, then your phone’s going to be dry at the end of your ride too. (powerful) When it comes to winter
riding means those rides can take a little bit longer
than expected sometimes. Obviously, the light drops
down a bit earlier as well, so you’re loosing that light. So good little bit of kit
to have is a rear light just stick that in your riding pack. Means you can whip it out
if you got any road sections in between you and your home. (powerful) This is a nice little hack
for you when the conditions get really nasty out there on the trails. It’s what the pros do, is just add a little bit of anti-slip tape on the brake levers, gear leavers, dropper post, things like that. It’s going to increase that friction between you and those break leavers. Especially when you are on
those bumpy downhill trails. You don’t want to be
slipping off those leavers and crashing into the trees. (powerful) So, this little hack comes
from the motor cross guys. What they like to do,
especially in muddy conditions, any little gap or creavis,
anywhere that can collect mud on their motorbike, they stick foam in. Obviously, foam’s gonna stop
all that mud building up. So anywhere on your
E-bike you can see a gap like behind the battery on this one. It’s a good idea to just
fill that with foam. Motorguys use things called moto foam, it’s a bit more expensive. You don’t need to spend that money. Just get down to your local hardware shop and get a set of sponges. And any little gap, stick
a bit of sponge in there gonna to stop that mud buildup and that bike is going to stay lighter, is going to be more efficient when you are out there
on the trails in the mud. (drumming) So one of the items in the
E-bike is getting hammering over the winter is you dropper seat post. That’s if you are luck
to have one that is. But a neat little hack you can do is actually use an old inner tube and make a boot out of that. It sits over that seat post and stops all that mud and water flicking off your back tire trying to get down into that seal. Okay, so to make the seat post boot, first things first, you
need to remove that seat and that whole upper
assembly off your seat post. So you’re left with the head. So, you put that somewhere nice and safe. Next step, is to get that inner tube off or up against the seat post, see how much of the tube
you’re gonna need to cut away. Need about this much to length. So, you’re going to cut that through. Nice and safe. Obviously, inside there is a lot of chalk So just make sure (blowing) you give it a good blow. (blowing) Okay, so next step is to
thread that inner tube over your seat tube clamp. So just get it nice and lined up. The tighter, the better for this. So, this is quiet tight, this inner tube. When it comes to securing the top, you can see you’ve got
a bit of a gap there. So, any water that could possibly flick up is going to get trapped. So what I suggest you do is
that the front of the seat post away from the back wheel. Make a fold, get our
fold around and get a bit of nice duct tape, something similar. So, Just get that in there nice and snug. It actually wraps around, trying to create a nice
little seal, not too much. It just stops the rest of that
water trying to go in there. That’s fairly snug on there now. Just check that it goes down. And up nice and easy. Got the tape on there, going
to stop a lot of the water going in off that back wheel. Really important thing with this hack, is make sure after every ride, is if you get any trapped water or any mud that is in there off of that shaft. ‘Cause obviously,
anything trapped in there is going to score and damage it. So it’s really important to
keep on top of that as well. If you leave a little bit of
gap, any water that should get in there will actually run out. So get a drain on the bottom. Nice little hack for that winter ride. (powerful) So winter can be quiet cruel to components on your E-bike as well. Things like the cranks can
take a hell of a beating from that piece that you get between your foot and
the actual crank arm. So your nice shiny new crank arms can look like they’ve been on your bike for about 50 years after winter. So a nice little hack is
to slide a little piece of inner tube over those cranks. Means you’re going to get protected, there’s a layer between them, be protected all winter. When summer comes you can
whip that inner tube off and have nice shiny cranks. So, you really need to
bare in mind what size inner tube you use on those cranks. You want something that’s
going to fit snuggly over there. So, if you’ve got skinny cranks, I suggest using a bit
of road bike inner tube. Something that’s slightly beefier. Use a standard mountain bike tube. (powerful) So there you go, it’s my
favorite hack to get you through the nastiest weather
you’re going to encounter this winter on your E-bike. If you enjoyed today’s video, be sure to check out how
to winterize your E-bike up here, real cool vid. And we’ve got how to wash your E-bike, Something that you’re
going to be doing a lot of over the winter months. If you enjoyed today’s video, give us a thumb’s up and get subscribed to EMBN. And drop your comments in the box below. And see you in the next one.