For everyone who is looking for some extra safety to their bicycle, we now introduce LINKA, the first fully automatic unlocking padlock. Due to LINKA’s revolutionary automatic unlock feature, you will never have to carry a key anymore. The device is installed on the frame of the bicycle, via Bluetooth and the smartphone application automatically locks and unlocks the bicycle. LINKA is automatically unlocked as it detects the user’s phone getting closer within a 2 meters wide radio. Same way as it locks itself automatically as the user walks away. When blocked, a 9 millimeters thick iron ring moves into its place. If any rogue thief shows up and tries to steal your bicycle, a 110 decibels alarm will turn on drawing a bunch of attention on its robbery attempt. Besides, users will also receive a notification on their phone to alert about the bicycle being moved to another place. LINKA charges using a micro-USB wire (included in the package). It is fully loaded in less than 2 hours and offers to be a long-lasting product, up to 16 months. In the smartphone app, you can visualize the battery percentage left on the current charge, besides receiving alerts when the battery is running out. On the other hand, a 4-digit security code assures you can always unlock LINKA even if the battery runs out. Regarding its price, we can found it at a minimal cost of 170 euros or about 195 dollars. It is very important to keep an eye on your back while riding a bike, for that reason, there’s no doubt about how safer it is to ride on public highways, using a rear mirror. Furthermore, most cyclists do not own a rear mirror. The rear mirror RearViz can be used on the cyclist’s arm and, represents a handy solution for that problem. The mirror opens up to any angle, It can spin 360 degrees and folds towards its frame when not being used. This small gadget is to be mounted in a perspiring velcro armband. Some of the advantages offered by this rear mirror: it won’t be as affected by any roadway vibrations as it would be one mounted directly on the handlebar. Besides, users can change the visual angle of the mirror only by twisting their arm slightly, instead of moving their head or the handlebar. On the other hand, the rear mirror RearViz is available in several colors. We now introduce Sherlock, the invisible GPS bicycle tracker. Smartly designed to be handy and discreet, the Sherlock bicycle tracker is pretty easy to install. Hidden inside one of the handlebars, it won’t disrupt either the look or style of your bicycle while keeping it safe. At the time it connects with the app on your Android or iOS smartphone, this smart accessory helps you to make a GPS guided tracking, in real time. This shall mean that you can find your bicycle at any time, whether if you forgot where you parked or if it was stolen. Due to the tracker is always hidden inside the handle, a thief won’t find it, which means you have more time to precisely locate the bicycle. The tracker has to be charged using a USB wire. It is fully loaded within 2 hours and, its battery lasts about 2 weeks. Regarding its price, it is 149 euros or 170 dollars. Reacting to a car’s horn is a reflex action that we all have so, why don’t we make it a reflex act accessible on your bicycle as well? Loud Mini is an extra loud horn that sounds like a car’s one. It is perfect to draw attention from the cars on the roadway while riding a bike. This horn is, without a doubt, way more effective than yelling at cars or ringing a bell which they can not hear. The horn is water resistant as well as it is resistant to any weather. Support for easy mount or dismount on any bicycle is included. It also has anti-robbery screws which can be bought separately. It is loaded through a mini-USB input. The battery lasts up to 4 months with a single charge. Regarding its price, it is 130 euros or 149 dollars. This new kind of bicycle fork is totally revolutionary, something completely different from anything that we had previously seen. The fork adds some beast-mode extra traction to your wheels on those roadways curves; meanwhile, you get an easy, predictable driving and total control of steering. Aiming for a minor chance of keep on going hitting hard the suspension with strong impacts on complicated roads, until the end of its useful life. Brakes are just as incredible as the fork is. Different to the telescopic fork, this fork compresses very little when hard braking. This means that bicycle’s geometry does not change, so you can keep on driving even though you are slowing down and, the suspension still has room to absorb hard hits during the braking process. The system is compound of a 130 millimeters multiple bonding bifurcation, with hydraulic double tube technology and through shaft piston. Users can choose among three compressing features: Strong, Mid and, Open. Regarding its technical main specifications, the chassis, the handlebar, and the bindings are built in carbon fiber, featuring a total weight of 1980 grams. It matches 27,5 and 29 inches wheels. Regarding its price, this revolutionary bicycle fork costs 2380 euros or, 2700 dollars. If you’re new to this channel, Subscribe and activate the bell To not miss the upcoming videos on innovation, inventions and amazing gadgets. Secure your bicycle with the padlock fingerprint TRON-XD. By using vanguardist technology, this biometrical lock uses a key which you always carry on with you, your fingerprints. It equipped with a high-resolution scanner to open the lock in a matter of half a second only. TRON-XD is easily re-charged through an included USB wire and, lasts 2000 lock/unlock cycles with a single charge. Besides, it can save up to 20 different fingerprints. In that case, when the battery runs out, there is a manual emergency mode to unlock the padlock. With TRON- XD you will never have to worry about leaving the keys or memorizing codes. Its price it’s about 80 euros or, 90 dollars. This is a new helmet for bicycle riders which completely folds when not being used. This helmet folds into a completely flat form in order to be easier to transport, as well as to put it inside a backpack, case or any other place while not in use. It is also made with a light material, that’s why it is comfortable to carry. After completing every security test designed for bicycle helmets, it is as safe as a traditional rigid helmet. This helmet offers to assure safety either for teenagers or grown-ups equally. It has much ranges of colors to pick and, its cost is about 150 euros. Quickly go back on the road with your bicycle when you get a flat tire by using the elegant Pro Bike Tool CO2 inflator for bicycles. This small device is incredibly fast and reliable, inflates a bicycle tire within seconds. The control stick regulates the CO2 liberation speed to get precise and controlled inflating. It has a blended container to safely store the CO2 cartridge. Thanks to its compact and light design, the Pro Bike Tool CO2 inflator can be very easily cached. Manufactured with a mechanized aluminum alloy, this cool bicycle inflator is build to last. Trego is a smart and handy system that allows you to transform almost any kind of traditional bicycle into a transport bicycle capable of carrying stuff quickly and easily. Trego is a multifunctional aluminum car which temporarily replaces the front wheel of a conventional bicycle. You don’t ́t need any kind of tool to install it and, there’s no need to make any permanent modification to the bicycle. Trego allows to carry up to 25 Kg load. When you get to place, you can release the wheelbarrow in seconds and then, push it as you would push a regular handy wheelbarrow. Once you load up your groceries or whatever in Trego, you go back to your bicycle and, within seconds only, you already have the car incorporated into the bicycle to transport your load comfortably. As it wasn’t enough, Trego has suspension and 2 rocker wheels, allowing to maneuver with grace. Both wheels are equipped with hydraulic disk brakes, both brakes immediately work using one single handlebar built-up to the steering bar, located next to the previous front brake. Regarding the price, it is about 780 euros or, 890 dollars. Easily store your bike when not in use with the Parkis bicycle elevator. This bicycle parking system is totally automatized so you can park your bicycle vertically, while doing it fast, without the need of any physical efforts, ending this way the complicated and uncomfortable maneuvers that you usually need to do to store your bike. With its smart design, the bicycles elevator Parkis always keep the area clear. It does not need electricity to operate, so, this elevator is completely eco-friendly and, it also operates with a fully mechanical system. It counts with several models, the prices vary according to the manufacturing material and, you can acquire it from 250 euros or, about 280 dollars. Thank you very much and until the next video, Don’t forget to subscribe for more interesting videos.