10 Modern Cars That Are More Likely To Kill You Than Get You To Point B!

Today we’re going to be diving into a list
containing the top top 8 cars on the current auto market, that would, statistically speaking,
be more likely to kill you rather than get you to point B. The list was compiled based
on data analysis done by Iseecars.com, looking at all models from 2013 – 2017, and calculating
the average amount of fatalities reported for every billion vehicle miles. Some of the
results may surprise you, others will probably be completely expected, but at any rate, you
may want to give this video a close watch (and maybe even a thumbs up) if safety is
a concern for you. Number 10: Camaro & Challenger So right off the bat I’m going to be starting
this list off with a lie, since I’m lumping in 2 cars for the number 10 slot, and the
title clearly said 10 cars not 11. The ChevY Camaro and the dodge challenger. The Camaro
has a 5.5 cars per billion vehicle miles fatalty rate and the Challenger is at 5.8. The reason
I’ve lumped them together like this is because they’re so close in fatality rates, and
have almost identical reasons for achieving them, so I wanted to avoid some redundancies.
It should come as no surprise that 2 of the top 3 american muscle cars would make this
list. Over the decades long battle being waged by Ford, Chevy and Dodge to make the faster
sports car offered at a better price, we now have an over abundance of cheap horsepower,
which is alluring to us all, but is down right dangerous for someone who isn’t exactly
prepared for it. It gets a bit more dicey too, when you realize that both of these cars
have had their fair share of blindspot complaints as well. Both companies have done quite a
bit to add safety features to combat these fatality rates, but it’s not really the
car’s fault to begin with, and has everything to do with an inexperienced driver in a powerful
sports car driving recklessly without the skill level necessary to do so. Number 9: Kia Rio I’m not sure about you guys, but when I
think of Kia I think, economical, practical and most of all SAFE! WELL NOT REALLY, But
apparently there’s a few ripples in the safety blanket at the Kia factory resulting
in a 5.9 cars per billion vehicle miles fatality rate. The Rio is quite possibly one of the
least expensive cars on the market today (good job Kia!), but I suppose to get that price
tag down, a few corners had to be cut with the safety features. The crash tests for the
model years we’re talking about revealed a few weak points earning itself only a 4
star rating from NHTSA and only 3 stars from Euroncap. It was also discovered that injury
to the rear passengers in the event of a side swipe was more probable than in most other
cars. I suppose there’s also something to be said about it’s smaller size, but all
these factors combined, have accumulated into a 5.9 fatality rate. The good news, however,
is that the Kia Rio has now rectified some of these flaws and has become a top safety
pick in more recent years (good job again Kia!). Number 8: Nissan Versa Next up we have the Nissan Versa making an
appearance on our list. For a lot of you, this probably didn’t come off as a huge
surprise considering the Versa is currently one of the top 10 least expensive cars in
US as of right now. Just like what we talked about with the Rio, obviously some corners
had to be cut to get this vehicle at that price point, and unfortunately some of those
corners created a higher fatality rate when an accident occurs, making the Versa hit at
a 6.1 cars per billion vehicle miles fatality rate. Interesting enough though, the Versa
was awarded by the IHS as a top safety pick in 2013, which is the first year of the model
years chosen for the study, but due to a change in testing procedures the Versa was stripped
of this title. Obviously a car with such a low price point, is going to be average at
best in almost every aspect imaginable, and it’s safety test results were no exception
to that.vThe new procedures exposed a huge flaw, and now it receives a “poor” rating
in the small front overlap test. This is what the suspected achilles heel is for the versa’s
safety might be and why it’s so deadly in an accident. Number 7: Nissan 370Z- Somebody go into the kitchen and check the
stove, I can smell rice burning! Oh wait no, it’s just the Nissan 370Z burning it’s
passengers alive! Before you guys go nuts with the dislike button and the negative comments,
that was purely satirical. Anyways, we work up 1 notch on the list with the Nissan 370Z
by exactly .01. This guy has earned 6.2 cars per billion vehicle miles, leaving us with
more questions than answers. Interestingly enough, the NHTSA and IIHS have never actually
performed a crash test rating on this car before, leaving us with nothing more than
theories and speculations as to why this car is causing so many deaths. It certainly could
be a safety flaw left unrevealed because of the lack of crash testing, or it could be
more along the lines of the challenger and camaro, and it’s just too much horsepower
and too low of a price attracting owners who shouldn’t even be driving smart cars. All
we do know is that this is currently the 7th deadliest car in the US today. Number 6: Subaru BRZ So number 6 is where things start to get a
little odd, because it’s a Subaru, The BRZ to be exact. The Subaru BRZ is at 6.9 cars
per billion vehicle miles, and is an oddity in my book for a few reasons. First of all,
it’s a subaru! Subarus have a great reputation for being safe cars that score well in crash
tests, the BRZ being no exception to that, since it was a top safety pick from the IIHS.
This is why I’d never expect to see it on a list of cars with high fatality rates, much
less to be ranked so high on that list too! Another interesting thing about this list
ranking, is that so far out of all the cars on this list, this is the largest jump in
fatalities as well. Most of the cars on this list have moved up .1 or .2 deaths per billion
vehicle miles from one car to the next, but the BRZ spiked up by .7 fatalities! Like all
the other sports cars on this list so far, the BRZ is an example of what AN AFFORDABE
SPORTS CAR can result in. But again why is the BRZ ranked so much higher than the others?
Could it be that the Subaru brand attracts drivers who are looking for more reliability
and safety rather than a fun ride, and the drivers of the BRZ are MUCH less prepared
for this car and don’t really know what they’re getting themselves into? It’s
the only conclusion I could draw, because it is hands down a safe vehicle safety test
wise. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Number 5: Chevrolet Spark Number five on our list of killer cars, is
the Chevrolet Spark, which has us diving right back into the world of cars that are really,
almost too small for American roads, because of their high fatality rates. The spark scores
a 7.2 cars per billion vehicle miles, and frankly this one does not come off as too
big of a surprise at all. We all know exactly what the literal fatal flaw is here, the size.
Now to the sparks credit, it actually has performed well for the IIHS, earning itself
an “acceptable” rating in the small overlap test, and is actually only 1 of 11 subcompacts
to do so. That is really about as good as it gets for these subcompacts though, and
seeing an “acceptable” rating for safety is not really what I would call a vote of
confidence. If I asked the pilot of a plane I was about to travel on, how safe the aircraft
was and he said “ehhh, it’s acceptable,” I’d immediately get off and find another way
there. That is just the issue with these subcompacts though, and despite the lack of safety, these
types of cars keep gaining popularity. The low price tag and excellent fuel economy just
make these an excellent choice for a frugal assisted s******. Number 4: Kia Forte Number 4 has us looking at another Kia, and
this time the culprit is the Forte. This is another one of those sort of surprised but
not really, all at the same time kinds of deals for our list. The Forte is at 7.4 cars
per billion vehicle miles death rate, and its results are pointing more towards lack
luster safety features. The Forte is an obvious pick when shopping for a good value on a reliable
sedan to make sure you can get to point A to point B, but unfortunately, according to
the statistics compiled from this study, point B in a Forte is likely to be the Morgue. But
hey! At least you’re getting damn good gas mileage on your way there! The Forte has been
an on again / off again top safety pick, which means that not all 2013 to 2017 Fortes are
unsafe, but rather just a few bad apple years that resulted in a huge fatality spike, and
it finding its way on to our list in the top 5’s. So please, if you’re shopping for one
of these, do the research and pick a safe year. Number 3: Honda Fit Now making our way in to thfe top 3’s, we’ve
got the Honda Fit scoring third place in our top death machines list with a 7.7 cars per
billion vehicle miles. If you haven’t gotten the point yet, subcompacts are more likely
to kill you in an accident than larger cars, huge shocker, right?! So interestingly enough,
the NHTSA has consistently given the Fit a 5 star crash test rating, but again, and I
realize I sound like a broken record here, these high crash test ratings aren’t enough
when these tiny things get sandwiched between a semi truck and a Hummer on the highway at
80 mph. Another factor that probably gets the Fit so high up on the list is the fact
that it’s actually a pretty fun car to drive, and not just for a subcompact. This probably
leads more people to drive recklessly in one of these. You’re more likely to see somebody
behind the wheel of one of these guys to be weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds
having a grand ole time, until he hits the breaks suddenly and gets demolished by a Ford
F-150, who doesn’t even stop, because they couldn’t tell the difference between hitting
a Fit or a bump in the road. Number 2: Chevrolet Corvette Smashing through a guardrail, over a cliff
and right into the number 2 spot on our list, the Chevrolet Corvette! This is one of the
cars on the list where you go, “yeah that makes perfect sense,” and it does! I mean
where else are going to find this much performance at that price point? Corvettes aren’t cheap
by any means, but for what you get in them, they are certainly a steal! There are actually
no crash test ratings for the Corvette, because safety is not even a factor that comes into
play when deciding to buy one of these. I mean really, who has ever gone “yeah I want
a car that can go from 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds, easily maintain cruising speeds over 110 mph,
but I also want it to be safe.” yeah that’s right, nobody. . . ever! What gets really
crazy, however, is by how much the Corvette jumps in the numbers. We go from a 7.7 to
a 9.8 cars per billion miles! Holy hell that’s a huge spike! But to Cherolet’s credit they
have made huge strides in recent years to make the corvette a safer, yet still badass
and fun to drive car. Number 1: Mitsubishi Mirage So what do you get when a car company who
has a spotty record of cranking out cheap, less than reliable cars, makes one of the
cheapest new cars available in a subcompact format? The Mitsubishi Mirage! This little
Grim Reaper scored a shocking 10.2 cars per billion vehicle miles fatality rate, and is
the epitome of compromise, suited for drivers with a strong “good enough” approach to
life in general. I can understand drivers needing an economical vehicle, for a more
budget conscious consumer, but there are better, more reliable and most importantly, SAFER
options in the same price range. If you have an argument for buying a Mirage I would love
to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. But boiled down, you have yet another
subcompact car, that is inherently dangerous already, thrown together so cheaply, it doesn’t
stand a chance in an accident involving any sort of substantial speeds. This car should
automatically get you on a s****** watch list, because clearly you have a death wish if you
own one of these. I’m curious to know, were any of the cars
listed on this video a surprise to you? Let me know down in the comment section below.
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