10 Jahre Schindelhauer Bikes – Künstler Edition

My first idea was to put a big angle grinder to it, to take it apart asseble it the other way around, to make it a completely crazy piece of art In the end, a bike in itself is such a beautiful thing it makes it a bigger joy to just add something unobtrusive to it. Once you see the bikes or, like I did, take a ride on it it is just worthy of applause. The brand Schindelhauer, for me translates the ease, which cycling should represent. The worn-out term “lifeblood” does indeed fit here. Those guys are on fire for their hobby, for their product Viktor is a very graphical bicycle and my work is very puristic, graphical which creates a nice symbiosis between the two. I was actually quite lucky to receive the Gustav in this grey, “Gustav grey”, which was a perfect basis This grey harmonized very well with all my favourite colours and so my small, red monkeys came out very well. it is a challenge but also an exciting domain to see how different it is to work with such a frame. Normally I am used to working with smooth surfaces… Those round shapes, you can’t rest your hand and don’t want to smear anything… I always need a story to work on, so one side shows Magdeburg, where it began, and the other side symbolizes Berlin. If you want you can look at the details, get lost in it and spin interpretations… Monkeys are creative, curious, discovering, playful… but above all, they are a gang, they belong together. It’s a family. That’s why I presented the Schindelhauer “founding fathers” as a gang of monkeys because I think it just fits well! I hope it creates a certain ease, which is appropriate for such an anniversary.