പുതിയ Drone വാങ്ങി 😍/Got a New Mavic mini  Drone || With Ztalk zameel

പുതിയ Drone വാങ്ങി 😍/Got a New Mavic mini Drone || With Ztalk zameel

I just checked my eyes. I told you guys there are some issues. My left I has some power difference. Hello guys, welcome. In the last episode we reached Sharjah and that is where we stopped. This is the first episode in UAE in which we will be heading out. In todays episode… Introduce yourself/ It is a small channel. There are only 2.5 Lakh subscribers [Sarcastic] Hope you guys know Zameel bro . He has a channel called Z talks. He is based in Dubai. I had some purchased to make when I came here. Because I had to upgrade some of my camera and other equipments. I will be bringing more exploration videos when I leave UAE You would have seen most of the views here. So I will be getting a drone and it is called DJI Mavic Mini Most of the electronics are cheap here. And I told him about my plan. He knows most of the places here. So first of all, with Zameel Bros family will be going to get a pair of glasses for my eyes. I have a small issue with my eyes. Also when Bhaktan came to Dubai I took him to buy glasses for him too He also has a glasses. I am working as a supplier for eye wears. So let us get glasses first and then let us go to Dubai So you might ask why I dont have Aamina with me. This is the answer for that. It is raining heavily outside. Our plan was to roam around in Aamina but when we woke up it was heavily raining So we planned to go in the car and I told my wife to get in too. So let us go now. So we are here at the optical shop. It belongs to a friend of his. Let us get in. Eventhough it rained here, water wont stay on the roads for long. The sky is dark Driving is not an issue. But still I kept the bike inside. We will take the bike tomorrow. Let us get in now. We are here now. Let us check the glasses. We can see the quality of the glasses from the rate This one costs you 1500 Dirhams. There are lot of brands available here. We will get one with lower rate. This one will cost you 760 Dirhams that is around 12000 INT You will know this. This is our trademark color. Is this from Police? No ot is Oakly. It will cost you 1200 INR So what will be the difference between a copy glass from streets and this? The quality of the original will be very high compared to the copy. So will it cause any harm to our eyes if we use a copy? Definitely. The copy ones are made from recycled materials. This one is designed in USA Will it cause any harm to our eyes if we use a copy glasses? Yes. We have better protection with this. These used different technology and materials Especially for bikers you will get much more clarity while driving with these glasses. For common people the price will be the issue. So I have finally choosen this Same as the one that comes in the logo. Let me wear this. He tells me it is not good for me. No one should subscribe to him This will cost you 745 Dirhams. It will cost you around 14000 INR I got my eyes checked. My left eye has some power difference. Tell me what is wrong with me? There is a small power with the left eye of 0.5 Right eye is perfect. They are telling me to wear glasses. Let us wear it anyway. I am getting older. So I bought the glasses. The staff here is very friendly. I never thought it would take this long. Also they haven’t charged me for this. The manager is a subscriber of ours. You should take me to shops like these. This is around 14000 INR and they give it to me for free as a gift. They checked my eyes and they will provide me a lens by Thursday. You might see me wearing glasses from now on. He wants to wear glasses now after seeing me. I will kill you right now. Where are we going now? We will be going to get the camera equipment. Drone is our priority. We will be comparing the price here and in India Tell us the location so that people can come here. This is Abu Shahara in Sharjah Baniyas Opticals Let us go now. We are finally here. Time is around 3 PM We roamed for a while. Many of the shops are closed now. This shop is behind the police station I always get camera accessories from this shop I am taking him there. I am spending a lot for camera equipment. But still I am not satisfied with the quality of the video That is the reason why I am looking for a drone His wife wont be coming because the kid is sleeping People are making a lot here selling copy items This is the shop which we are going to This is the shop. They have perfumes and bags too. What we want is here in the camera section. They have gimbal and other equipment’s for vlogging There are a lot of items here This is our section. This is what we are going to buy today. It is the Mavic mini Let us see what we have in here. This is a small one from DJI called Tello This one in the bottom has some extra accesories inside. Let me select it. I look better with this lights. They are unboxing it. There wont be an unboxing video because I don know how to do it. I will have to learn how to fly this drone from someone who uses it. This is one of my close friends. His name is Shamsheed. You can come here to get any camera equipments. You will get it for great prices. The name of the shop is ClickTalk You have the contact number here. He will be giving me some discount. We will get this and we will unbox it once we are in the room. The rate is 1900 Dirhams What will you give it to me for? He will give it to me for 1800 Dirhams The one without the accessories will cost you 1400 Dirhams I will be getting the one with the accessories. This has 2 battery extra You will have a doubt whether there are any legal issues with flying drones. DJI made this drone to get past these laws. Things that are above 250 Grams are considered as drones. The ones below it are toys and this weighs 249 Grams Since I am crossing via road it will not be an issue for me But if you are taking it to India there might be some issue at customs Akhil suggested me this I will be giving this to him for customizing. He will come with the covers because it is heavy since I took a selfie stick and SD card. He give me a good discount. You can search for this in Google The videos will be lit now. From there we came to Lamar beach and I am coming here for the first time even after staying here for 2 years. I used to live here as a laborer. Living here as a laborer and coming here as a tourist is very different. I have only seen Burj Khaleefa at that time. We will be realizing the beauty only when we come here as a tourist. I did this episode as a shopping episode but from now on I will be exploring places the people here didnt explore. Let me talk to my subscribers and you talk to yours. We are at the Lamar beach. This is what we see when we get in. It is a pretty good area. Let us get in there are restaurants inside. All the shops have different designs. This is a very beautiful place. They have laid holobricks in the road. Views in UAE have just started. They are beautiful. There is a beautiful sign board here. We are enjoying a lot walking here. This is a beach side and it is a costal area. These are bult mainly for tourists. Large cameras are not allowed here. Ours is GoPro and it is okay to use. Those people who go for adventure trips should use gopro since they are allowed in places where they dont allow large cameras. They have no idea how much we can shoot with this small camera. This is the view on both sides. It will be more beautiful at night than at day time. There is a water theme park at the end There are instuctions given in a surf board There are lot of rules given here to follow. You have toilets on the other side. There is a seat inside a wooden frame just like we saw in banana island. Compared to any other countries in GCC, Dubai is a luxury city Because of that we will be able to see many things that we wont be able to see in other countries. The highest quality items can be found here in Dubai We have a lot to explore here. There are lifeguards here. These are the seats. We have boating too. The left side is filled with restaurents The food here will be very expensive. That might be the reason why many people dont come here. There are many shops here. We have a footwear shop here. She thought that I would buy this. We will be able to see caps with KL 14 written on it wherever we go. We will be able to find people from Kasargod wherever we go in Dubai There are games here. There are some ball games here. We will get a gift we we dunk a ball in the basket from here. We have a festive mood here. You can see the pricing here. The people in yellow dress are cleaning staff and security That is the water theme park which I told you about. We have a large boat here. You can search for Jumaira beach in Google to find this place. I have to tell again that this is an expensive area. There is nothing much to explore for common people like us. There is no point in coming here single. If youare planning to come here you should come as a family. It will cost you around 200 Dirhams. There is no entrance fee as such. The 200 Dirhams that I told you about is for food. If you are just coming to see the place, you can come here and enjoy the beach. You will have to pay to sit in these chairs. Since this is a good place you can relax here. They have turned on the lights now. It is inside a glass jar. Time is around 5 PM We are leaving from here. We will have food from outside. My dad will be coming to UAE from India at 10 PM at night I told him to come here for 7 days on the way to Saudi since I am here. He haven’t been to Dubai. We should take our parents to different places. So I will be picking him up. I will be showing him in a video I hope it does not bother you. It is my dad and I am so happy yo have him in my video I will try to take him with me if I am going for a small ride in my bike He will be able to see lot of places coming with me Let us go from here. The reason why I bought my equipments from here is because, we will get electronic items at the cheapest rate from Dubai compared to any other country in GCC What ever you buy, you will get it at the cheapest rate from here. Mavic Mini is not even released in India. It is released in UAE even before that. You wont have to go to any big malls to find these items. You will even get iPhones from small shops in the market. Items come here as soon as it gets launched. There are both copy items and original items here. I will be doing a video walking through the market. We will be going to see abandoned super cars that are worth crores of rupees. Places where we will be able to ride bikes are very few here in Dubai Everything is located within a few KM’s I will explore the maximum. But please dont expect desert drives like that of Muscat. There are no such places here in Dubai. This video is just the begining. Travel videos will start tomorrow. Thanks a lot for your support and comments. Those who haven’t subscribed yet please subscribe Thanks a lot for including me in the video. [You told that you will give the link to my channel right?] He thought I would forget. My channel is ZTalks I will give the links to his channel in the description and as first comment. Go to his channel and support him and his family. You will get to see some good UAE based vlogs. Subscribe to ZTalks and watch the videos. So that is it guys, in tomorrows episode we will see super cars and abandoned cars. Let us start the travel videos after that. I will only be in Dubai for 10-20 days 20 days is more than enough to cover this country We will explore the maximum. Ok then, bye Will see you in the next episode.