Подвесная система для спидфлаинга (speedflying harness) Gin Freeride (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Hi everybody! It’s the ProSpeedflying team and today we’re reviewing the Gin Freeride harness It’s a lightweight reversive harness – both a backpack and a harness It’s main use is speedriding The main difference from other harnesses like Gin Speeride is a more vertical position of a pilot which is useful for riding with skis on the slope Let’s have a look inside: it’s quite a small backpack I guess that’s the smallest harness I’ve seen – very compact I’d say it would comfortably fit a 8-9-meter wing with a helmet, jacket and some small stuff A bigger wing won’t fit with all of your belongings The Gin updated the design Look really nice. But the functional design is all the same Anyway, I liked it even before Here’s a nice bar covering the main zip from rain and snow All the garment accessories are very solid and reliable, as it is always with Gin Main zip is big and bulky – I’d say it would be hard to break it Nice breathable shoulder straps Here’s a hadle to manage the backpack – a lot of harnesses lack it What else do we have here… An iceaxe mount One more mount – probably for walking sticks A pocket here nice thing to have The little pocket they used to put on a shoulder strap is gone but they added cargo loops on the waist strap and a little pocket – a very useful thing I’m happy it’s here That’s all as to outer straps Here is a whistle in case you’re caught in an avalanche So basicly it’s similar to all the other harnesses here Inside the design is new also these blue parts appeared Here there is a cover for the main part – it’s to compress everything and make it look nice This way it doesn’t bother you while skiing and case house some small stuff Not a helmet though – howeven in flying mode you should already have it on your head Here’s a camel-back pocket but small one Let’s close it… So here it’s in fying mode very small and nice Very comfortable to use on a ski lift Everything made specifically for a ski resort riding Shoulder straps: well, they are a bit strange Here’s a narrow webbing with a plate… I’d make a single strap a bit narrower than a plate I guess it would be more convenient. Loos like this plate is going to twist in use However it’s not a big deal Buckles. There is a thing about them They are made by Edelrid People compain that with load change they don’t hold the webbing So different solutions apply: here for example the webbing is sewn under the buckle Some people just sew it all the way along the webbing I don’t know the reason of this for sure but Edelrid say that Gin used not the right kind of webbing here so the buckle doesn’t hold it Other brands also use these Edelrid buckles but with a recommended webbing, so it holds just fine But here it’s so. You will have to fix this poblem with sewing or other solutiong Here are the cargo loops to attach a quickbag with a wing I don’t see any special stuff for a reserve or anything like that Moving on Ordinary carabiners double-action self-locking They can catch ice and snow inside so sometimes you’ll have to blow that out Or just don’t detach your wing Here there’s still a thigh pocket for a quickbag and some small things There are harnesses without this pocket and trust me it’s a pain in the ass Soft back well, doubt it’s useful but feels nice Looks like these are all its features Very simple and compact Oh, here’s a second thigh pocket! Awesome I’m a fan of harnesses with a lot of pockets Let’s put it on and have a look Shoulder straps don’t seem to twist too much Leg straps seem like there’s nothing special maybe buckes are a bit wider and lighter No size adjustment here and you don’t need them actually it only adds the weight Chest strap here doesn’t have that red safety link they like to put everywhere I’m not a fan of it – I think it won’t help, especially if you fly a small wing Same buckles as they put on the leg straps Here you can adjust the length of it Usually everyone flies it on the longest mode One more chest strap here No whistle! You can whistle only while climbing If you’re in trouble in the flying mode – don’t whistle, die like a man Flying position it’s really very vertical it’s right against your back making you want to ski There are no usual depth adjustments so you can’t choose between a vertical or lean-back position It’s the only possible position like this I won’t be able to lean any more back in flight, or even less Be ready for this. If you like to lean back and fly in an XC mode – this harness is not for you You better get a Speedride harness All in all, it’s very nice to touch Gin is as always good with material choice I do recommend this harness for winter flying with ski lifts and to those who like flying vertical That’s all as of now If we forgot anything – we’ll add it in a description Ask your questions in the comment section And we’ll go flying. See you